Is it Time for Laser Tattoo Removal?
24 September 2021

Perhaps you’ve been mulling it over for a while – laser tattoo removal, that is. If so, you’re not alone. Recent surveys have estimated that as many as 25% of people who get a tattoo regret it later in life. Thankfully, ink isn’t forever anymore!

Laser tattoo removal is now more effective and affordable than ever. But don’t rush into getting “zapped” again; there are a few factors you should consider before you part ways with your ink.

Understand How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

First, you should know the basics of the science behind the procedure. Essentially, a powerful beam of light is pointed at your tattoo and pulses repeatedly. Each pulse lasts only a fraction of a second. These light beams are absorbed by the ink particles that make up your tattoo, and help break it down. Your body will then absorb and naturally disperse the ink.

Is It Effective?

Similar to other forms of laser therapy, tattoo removal is highly effective, although individual results do vary. The factors that determine how well your tattoo will disappear are:

  • The ink colour(s) used in the tattoo
  • The colour of your skin
  • The deepness of the tattoo pigment in your skin
  • The age of the tattoo

What Is The Easiest Tattoo To Remove?

Typically, older tattoos can be easier to remove, as can tattoos that were done smoothly by trained professionals and didn’t heal with any ridges or bumps. Black ink is also easier to remove than other colours because it responds well to all laser wavelengths, while other colours each only respond to certain lasers.

While it is possible to remove tattoos that are newer, deeper or in various colours, they may simply require more treatments.

Does Lasering A Tattoo Hurt?

Having a tattoo removed is uncomfortable, but no more so than having it done in the first place. Each pulse of the laser feels like a small zap or shock, similar to being snapped with an elastic band or spattered with bacon grease from the frying pan. It isn’t pain-free, but it is tolerable.

If the tattoo you want to part ways with is in a particularly sensitive area, or you don’t have a high tolerance for pain, then you may wish to apply a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment. Speak to the professional performing your treatment during your consultation about managing the discomfort.

Essential Aftercare

After having your laser treatment, specific care and attention should be paid to the area. In particular, an antibacterial cream should be applied and the area should be bandaged initially.

Applying ice for a short period of time after each treatment can help ease swelling and discomfort. It is normal for the treated area to puff up, blister and even bleed a small amount. However, it should not bleed profusely.

Let It Be

As the treated area starts to heal, it may feel itchy or uncomfortable. It’s very important that you refrain from popping blisters, picking scabs or scratching at the area. It could lead to permanent scarring or infection.

It’s also important that you cover the area between treatments if you’re going out in the sun. Once any scabs or blisters have healed you can apply a sensitive skin 55 SPF sunblock, as the delicate, healing skin will burn easily.

Mind How You’re Healing

You will have, on average, a waiting period of six weeks between treatments. During this time, the area will be prone to infection and scarring if not given the right care and attention. This could make further treatments more challenging or affect how the tattoo heals overall.

Keep in mind that it’s unlikely the area will heal perfectly as though nothing was ever there. However, with the latest in laser technology, the ink will disappear and skin heal well enough that most people will never notice. Some people experience a small amount of hyperpigmentation after treatment – the skin where the tattoo was may be slightly lighter than that surrounding it.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

In the past, many people have put off treatment or settled for cover-ups that don’t fool anyone because the laser tattoo removal cost has been prohibitive. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. After a free consultation to determine your unique situation and estimate the number of sessions needed, we offer treatment starting at just £40. Laser tattoo removal London is cheaper and easier than ever.

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