Is Fat Freezing The Ideal Fat Reduction Remedy?
29 September 2021

Fat Freezing For Fat Removal

Approved in the latter half of 2010, fat freezing (aka cool sculpting) is hardly a new entry in the list of fat reduction remedies. That’s right – you might as well ice your way out of those love handles or bra bulges. The treatment has gained popularity over the years as a noninvasive alternative for liposuction, providing a “cool” solution for fat removal.

With the ever-increasing number of remedies for excess fat around the world, finding the best solution for your particular situation may create a needle-in-a-haystack kind of situation. So, here are a few answers to the questions you might have about fat freezing.

How does fat freezing work?

First and foremost, you have to understand the difference between weight loss and fat reduction. Weight loss is not exactly the same as reducing the number of fat cells. It is more of reducing the amount of fat on each fat cell or getting leaner muscles. However, in fat freezing, the major goal is to reduce the number of these cells rather than the weight on each one of them, which is what you usually achieve through exercise.

The procedure takes advantage of the fact that fat is more sensitive to temperate compared to your skin. When it gets cold enough, the adipose tissue under your skin self-destructs. Our fat freezing technique takes advantage of these parameters by dropping the skin temperature to a point where the fat cells die off. Over several weeks following your therapy, other cells naturally process and eliminate the dead fat tissue from your body.

Is it For You?

This body contouring technique is not designed to work as a one-shot fat removal remedy like liposuction. In most cases, you might have to undergo the procedure more than once. It would suit you best if you are looking for a mild fat reduction. This is especially in cases where there are lots of fat cells accumulating in one area – like when you have small pockets of fats in your inner thighs or in the case of a slender body with love handles.

Sometimes people come to us and they are like “whenever I put on some weight it all goes to my belly.” Well, this means you naturally have more fat cells in your abdominal area. Fat freezing is one great approach for reducing the number of fat cells in that specific region to give you a more proportional body. Then, if you accumulate fat, it won’t all go to one region.

When you visit our clinic at Hertfordshire for consultation, our experts will provide further advice after considering your age, nature of your skin, and thickness of your tissue among other factors.

Will You Get Permanent Results?

Yes, fat freezing provides a permanent fat reduction solution. However, as with any other contouring technique, it is highly advisable that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. There will still be room for gaining weight elsewhere on your body or in the remaining fat tissue.

Remember that the goal here is to reduce the number of fat cells rather than the weight of each cell individually. Ultimately, you can also get lasting improvements in your body without reducing the number of fat cells through behaviour changes like better nutrition and exercise.

Fat Freezing and Safety

Given it is a noninvasive procedure, the risks are relatively very low. It may cause numbness in the region in question for a while because of the freezing. On very rare occasions there will be a little swelling. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect any wounds.

As with other fat removal techniques, you might get contour irregularities following the reduction of fat cells but all that can be dealt with at BeauSynergy. Visit our clinic at Hertfordshire for further information upon consultation.

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