Is A Fibroblast Treatment Right For Me?
29 September 2021

Is A Fibroblast Treatment Right For Me?

Ageing skin can be a real cause for concern for both men and women and create both anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. Thanks to the advancement that science has made in the field, there are non-srgical options that one can opt for in changing the look and feel of the skin to take years of skin ageing away.

The collagen in the skin starts to deplete post 35 years of age which can significantly cause skin issues like facial lines, droopy skin, deep folds and a lack of clarity and colour.   Superficial beauty treatments might work temporarily but if you are looking for long term solutions then the Fibroblast treatment may well be for you.

The Fibroblast Plasma Pen is a non-surgical treatment device and treatment that is recommended to achieve incredible results for many of your facial and body ageing skin concerns. A professionally trained and qualified skin therapist, such as those at BeauSYNERGYis absolutely imperative as the treatment is very specialized. Without the right qualified care and attention of a qualified and experienced skin therapist, you may well do alot of harm and damage to your skin.

When Will I See the Results of the Fibroblast Treatment?

The first signs for getting this treatment can be seen within days but generally within 9 to 12 weeks and the final results should last between 3 and 5 years. The total time taken for one session for the procedure is about 40 to 90 minutes depending upon the work involved and the areas affected. Unlike other methods of treatment, you will undergo minimal discomfort in getting the procedure done due to topical anesthetic creams. So when you ask the question -“is a Fibroblast treatment right for me?” Well quite possibly but in order to get the best results however, you must adhere to the strict protocols as set out by the skin therapist that treated you. Without following the guidelines, you will not get the results you have desired and you may actually damage your skin.

Which Areas of the Face and Body Can be Treated?

As the Fibroblast Plasma Pen causes the skin around any treated area to tighten, a perfect area to be treated is the eyelid. Unfortunately the eyelids have a tendency to droop and drop as one gets older. By tightening and therefore lifting the eyelids, the eyes appear bigger and more youthful.

Eyebags under the eyes, tend to get bigger, puffier and greyer as one gets older. The Fibroblast Plasma Pen tightens the skin around these areas over a period of months which causes these areas to flatten.

Crow’s feet and brow furrows are two other areas around the eyes that can be treated safely and have dramatic results in creating younger looking skin.

Saggy or crepey loose skin around the neck area is easily resolved with the Plasma Pen skin tightening technique. Common mostly in ladies over 50 years of age, the results achieved at skin clinics such as BeauSYNERGY are remarkable in their success.

It is possible to obtain amazing results when you combine Fibroblast with another treatment process such as Microneedling. If you are looking to improve your facial skin colour, tone and strength then this particular combination can work wonders. Acne scaring can also be significantly reduced using Fibroblast.

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