Intimate Laser Hair Removal
29 September 2021

Intimate Laser Hair Removal

Better, quicker and safer than IPL, laser hair removal used only to ever really mean legs, arms or underarms. Now, thanks to technological advances in laser hair removal machines, those are not the only areas which can be treated to be permanently hair-free. Here at BeauSYNERGY ( ), using the latest laser hair removal technology, we can also treat intimate areas such as the bikini line, Brazilian or Hollywood treatments for women in our beautiful Hertfordshire clinic.

Pain-free laser hair removal in Hertfordshire

New advances in laser hair removal treatments mean that the previous pain and discomfort associated with hair removal is a thing of the past. Technology now also means that previously unsuitable hair types, like auburn and fair hairs would not be eradicated during a treatment. Similarly, Asian and Mediterranean skins couldn’t also be treated due to a risk of hyperpigmentation, hypo-pigmentation or burning of the skin. While we still do not recommend laser hair removal for very dark skin types or light blonde / fair hair at BeauSYNERGY, we are able to treat quickly and safely, a wider range of candidates than ever before.

How is laser hair removal for intimate areas carried out?

Using our Elysian laser hair removal device, the treatment of intimate areas is quick and painless. We begin any laser hair removal treatment with a thorough consultation. Your laser therapist will ensure you are a suitable candidate for treatment, that there are no contraindications and that you fully understand the treatment process.

How much hair we remove during your intimate laser hair removal treatments is entirely up to you. We can either do bikini line, a high/extended bikini, Brazilian or full Hollywood treatment. Currently we do not offer laser hair removal of intimate areas for men.

Save on laser hair removal at BeauSYNERGY

Finally, during your consultation your advisor will carry out a patch test of the area to be treated and answer any questions you may have. They will discuss whether having regular single treatments is the best option, or how you can take advantage of one of our special offers for laser hair removal and save up to 40% by booking a course of six treatments.

What do you have to lose (besides your hair)? Get in touch and book your consultation for laser hair removal in Hertfordshire and London with BeauSYNERGY now – 01707 662477

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