How Treatments Such as LED Light Therapy Can Help to Reduce Signs of Ageing
24 September 2021

Unfortunately, ageing is inevitable and a natural process that happens to everyone. However, some people suffer with signs earlier than others because of a variety of different reasons. Some skin is more susceptible to environmental factors, while some people inherit hereditary signs of fast ageing skin, and some people simply need to look after their skin more than others. With good all-round skincare, ageing can be slowed down — and opting for safe, non-invasive beauty treatments in Brookman’s Park can see it dramatically reduced.

Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Injectables

There is often a strange stigma or fear around resorting to treatments like Botox™ or dermal fillers, but each of these treatments are fantastically effective when administered by a qualified Botox™ professional working in Hertfordshire or North London. Using a knowledgeable skincare therapist or a qualified doctor, such as those we employ at BeauSynergy, will ensure that your treatment gives you outstanding results: line-free skin glowing with youth, vitality and good health.

How to Avoid the Ageing Effects of Free Radicals

It might be that you aren’t ready to take the step to fillers or injectable treatments. If so, it’s a good idea to address what is affecting your skin’s elasticity and texture and help to alleviate symptoms with anti-ageing skin treatments and facials close to North London.

The most damaging elements for the health of your skin are what’s known as “free radicals”. These live in the atmosphere and attack your skin. Free radicals refer to many different factors, including the sun’s harmful UV rays, cigarette smoke, petrol fumes and industrial fumes.

Unfortunately, some of the above are impossible to avoid, but you can take steps to help your skin’s own natural resources fight back. Free radicals enter your skin and break down collagen production, leaving your skin dehydrated and resulting in fine lines which eventually develop into wrinkles and deeper furrows. The sun’s rays also encourage age spots and, in some cases, melanoma. It’s absolutely imperative that you follow a good skincare regime to give your skin the weapons it needs. Not only do free radicals encourage lines and wrinkles, but there’s also the genuine risk of cancer in extreme cases.

LED Light Therapy Could Be the Perfect Non-Invasive Treatment for You

One non-invasive treatment that can really help with premature ageing is LED Light Therapy. Your skin reacts to light in many ways. While UV light from the sun can have a harmful, ageing effect, LED Light Therapy utilises non-harmful areas of the spectrum to improve your skin colour, texture and appearance. It involves simply relaxing under a UV light for half an hour and results can be striking.

There are other factors which add to premature ageing, such as stress. A difficult period in life can age someone by quite a few years and, if you don’t try and take a break, this could be a factor in why your skin is ageing prematurely. Most people come back from a holiday looking rested and refreshed, showing how having a break from life’s stresses and strains can work wonders in the short term. Unfortunately, not many people have the luxury of being able to book a holiday at the drop of a hat, but making sure you use your leisure time well and pencilling in plenty of R&R will help.

If you suffer from acne, you’ll be well aware that stress can make it far worse. We have many treatments for acne but one of the most effective is Danne. Combining DMK (Danne) acne treatment with LED Light therapy to treat your acne can quickly improve your skin.

The After-Effects of Smoking: What They Are and How to Treat Them

We touched on this earlier, but cigarette smoke is an absolute no-no. Smoking is dangerous to your heart and internal organs; it stimulates cancerous cells and looks and smells awful. It also discolours your complexion, dehydrates your skin and creates unsightly lines, especially around the mouth. At BeauSynergy in Brookmans Park, we work with many ex-smokers who want to eradicate the signs of their old habit. One example of a corrective treatment for grey, dull skin is micro-needling — or Dermaroller — which can restore your skin’s natural glow. We can also inject lines around the mouth, as well as other areas.

Along with cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs can obviously have extremely negative effects on your skin. We are not suggesting you don’t enjoy the odd glass of wine or a G&T every now and then, but limit your units. Too much alcohol is bad for your liver and kidneys, and you need both functioning properly to help your body’s lymphatic system work properly.

Your Skincare Routine Plays a Major Part in the Condition of Your Skin

Finally, pay attention to what you put on your skin. Your skincare should be as natural as possible, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Look for skincare products with retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. Use a high-quality serum underneath your moisturiser, always wear high-factor sunscreen (factor 50 is BeauSynergy’s expert recommendation) and always cleanse your skin.

Once a month, visit your beauty salon near St Albans, BeauSynergy, for one of our rejuvenating and refreshing red carpet facials — and why not treat yourself to a non-surgical face lift, which guarantees a youthful glow in just one session? It firms, tones and breathes life back into tired skin.

Oh and one more vital note: drink water! At least two litres a day will help to plump and hydrate your skin.

For more information on anti-ageing skin treatments near Welwyn, contact BeauSynergy on 01707662477. We have a number of professional treatments ranging from Dermaroller, chemical peels, skin tightening, Cryolift, injectables, facials, LED light therapy and more.

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