How to Lose Stubborn Fat Without Going to the Gym
24 September 2021

How to lose stubborn fat without going to the gym!

It would be truly amazing to blast body fat and not have to spend ridiculous amounts of time at the gym. Without having to pound the running machine or even breaking a sweat? No need to attend spinning class at 6.30am or rush to water aerobics straight from work just because you want to be svelte in that Christmas party dress you’ve got your eye on! You can lose fat now!

Well actually – it would be amazing and guess what…at BeauSynergy (between Potters Bar and St Albans in Hertfordshire) we’ve found the secret to a slimmer, trimmer “you” without a gym membership in sight!
Let’s face it – almost everyone you know wants to shift a couple of pounds, some people more than others. You probably have little things about your body that you wish you could tone up. Even if you do spend an inordinate time with a personal trainer you might still have love handles that won’t seem to budge or excess fat above your knees that even a thousand squats won’t tighten up! Perhaps you’re a man reading this and you’d rather your “moobs” be tight and powerful but lifting dumbbells doesn’t seem to work and you know you’re certainly strong enough! Perhaps “bingo wings” seemed to have grown over night, or that post pregnancy the baby is wonderful but the little bulge on the tummy refuses to budge. The fact is, there are stubborn pockets of fat on many people’s bodies that just won’t move, whether it’s on the belly, post-pregnancy, underneath the chin area or around the thighs and yes, it’s frustrating. You probably thought that there was nothing you could do to lose fat except resort to surgery and Liposuction. However, you’d be wrong because we have an alternative to Liposuction in our Hertfordshire clinic at BeauSynergy. We have the state of the art, innovative and unique LipoContrast non-surgical, non-invasive fat removal treatment.

Is there an Alternative to Liposuction Surgery to Remove Fat on the Belly, Arms, Legs, Moobs etc?

Our non-surgical Liposuction alternative really targets those extra-stubborn pockets of fat that nothing else seems to help. These areas that need the fat removed from could be the belly, abdomen, sides, love-handles, back, thighs, cellulite, chin, arms, moobs and above knees. No matter how dedicated you are to your local gym or how many sessions you have with your personal trainer, some areas just won’t be beaten. So if you’re looking for a treatment for fat loss in Hertfordshire, give BeauSynergy a call.


How does the Fat Reduction Technology Work to Remove Fat from the Belly and Moobs etc?

LipoContrast is a machine unlike any other alternatives to laser lipo and surgical Liposuction in Hertfordshire and London. It works by shocking the area of fat into reducing itself by applying heat, then cold and then heat again. The fat tissue is subjected to this triple thermal shock (heat, cold, heat). It works at a specific speed and specific unique cold and hot temperatures. This advanced technology literally melts fat away.
As a patient of BeauSynergy, if you wish to lose fat in our Hertfordshire clinic, you would have the area you requested to be treated (for example, fat deposits around your belly) cleansed and covered in a special gel. Then the skincare specialists at BeauSynergy place the machine on the area you want to see fat reduction. There is a slightly tingly sensation which eases off during the treatment but this is actually positive because it confirms that the fat reduction machine is working. As far as how long it takes, expect 1 to 3 fat reducing sessions per area and each area takes an hour. We recommend waiting four weeks between each session.
No doubt you want to know how quickly our non-surgical fat removal treatment takes to work – well, some areas will reduce within days but other areas might take around 20 days to dissolve. That’s faster than any gym workout! In fact, we generally see 80% of results within just a fortnight and with a healthy lifestyle you won’t get the fat back – it stays off permanently (as long as you stick to a healthy diet).

How much is it to have Liposuction and how much is it to have Lipo or non-surgical Liposuction?

BeauSynergy truly understand the quality of the brand new technology and the results that it is giving to our clients. Currently, our clients are losing fat of up to 2 inches on one treatment on their belly, sides and one inch on their abdomen and under chin. For their second treatment, if required, they would expect to lose the same. The cost for one area and one treatment is just £195 with reductions for more treatments and more areas or combinations. Consultations are free. In London, LipoContrast can cost as much as £800 per area so BeauSynergy is much cheaper for the same treatment.

Surgical Liposuction for the same area comes with side effects and possible long-term damage AND may cost anywhere from £2000 to £4000 per area to be treated.
LipoContrast is an amazing alternative for those looking for an alternative to Liposuction in the London and Hertfordshire area, but while it is suitable for most people, we don’t recommend it for very much larger ladies and men. It’s important to diet and exercise or perhaps you should consider surgery, as LipoContrast is only suitable for targeting stubborn, isolated areas of fat.

Where in Hertfordshire and London can I get the Best Non-Surgical Liposuction to Lose Fat?

This is truly a unique treatment and the results are quite extraordinary. Because of this, BeauSynergy see new clients who wish to lose fat during a fat removal treatment and fat reduction on the body from all over Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London. We have clients from London, north London, Barnet, Finchley, Potters Bar, Hatfield, Welwyn, St Albans, Cheshunt, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Watford, Knebworth, Letchworth and Hitchin

Brookmans Park is easily accessible from all the areas above and so for more information on the fat loss treatments, contact BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty Clinic on 01707662477, they will help you get the body you dream of.


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