How To Get Trim In Time For Summer
24 September 2021

How To Get Trim In Time For Summer

It’s that time of year again when you’re possibly thinking that you need to get your body bikini-ready for your summer holiday.  Even if you’re not going away the chances are there will be some hot days ahead. As it warms up you’ll want to wear your shorts or a cute little sundress at all those BBQ’s and when out and about in the glorious sunshine.  If you made a promise to yourself months ago that you’d get your bikini-body honed to perfection and lose a few pounds but you haven’t managed to achieve it you’ll be delighted to learn about laser lipo at our beauty salon in Brookmans Park, Hatfield.

This specialist slimming treatment is carried out at the number one beauty and skin clinic found near Welwyn Garden City in Hatfield and brings incredible, noticeable fat reduction results.  It’s a revolutionary treatment and is set to transform your body into the bikini-body you want within just a few sessions. There’s even a special offer throughout June at BeauSynergy to help you on your way to a trimmer, slimmer you.

Understanding what laser lipo can do for you is obviously important and this piece will help you to decide if it’s right for you.  The most important thing when it comes to laser lipo is to find a very reputable beauty salon close to where you live, for instance that may be Potters Bar, Cuffley or Welwyn Garden City, which offers this Lipo fat reduction treatment.  All beauticians at BeauSynergy are fully trained in the art of laser lipo to bring you guaranteed outstanding results subject to your candidacy.

So what can laser lipo do and does it work?

This treatment is perfect if you aren’t obese and have a little extra fat that you want to get rid of.  It might be that you’ve tried diet and exercise but you still can’t shift the extra weight around your middle, perhaps you have a tummy bulge, love handles or saddle bags you’re aching to banish, in which case the laser lipo treatments are ideal! Does it work?  The answer is yes! It can reduce fat, sculpt parts of your body and as long as you follow post-treatment instructions you should see brilliant results.  The beauty of laser lipo is that not only does it leave you with reduced fat in specific areas; it also brings significant improvement in skin-tone.  Your skin will be firmer and smoother so all in all, it’s a win-win treatment!

What areas are suitable for laser lipo?

Laser lipo is ideal for many areas of the body, so if you want to lose some fat from your tummy or abdomen it’s perfect.  Equally it’s a great solution for slimming your waist, reducing thighs and even the bottom/backside area.  It’s perfectly comfortable too, as it’s non-invasive there is no pain whatsoever – so much so that many beauty clients fall asleep during the treatment!

The technology behind laser lipo uses a low level energy cool laser so there’s no heat.  This laser permeates through to the fat cells, liquefying unwanted fat deposits in the targeted area.  This triggers your cell membranes to break releasing the deposits. These fatty deposits then eventually travel out of your body via the lymphatic system.  The results are incredible – instant weight loss, reduction in fat and significant inches removed from the areas where you want slimmer and firmer skin.  On average, beauty clients undertaking laser lipo at BeauSynergy beauty clinic, which is  close to St Albans, lose 2 to 6 inches.

Following treatment there is no downtime whatsoever, you can go about your daily activities as normal although it’s suggested you aid the laser lipo treatment by taking approximately 20 minutes of gentle exercise to help the drainage of liquefied fat deposits.  This helps to gain maximum results.  Taking a brisk walk or a light jog (enough to bring on a sweat) is all that is needed.

How many treatments will I need?

It’s difficult to assess how many treatments you might need without seeing you in person so if you’re interested in the laser lipo in the Hatfield clinic you should book in with one of BeauSynergy’s fully trained beauticians to discuss further.  On average treatments twice a week are advised for up to 6 weeks but this is dependent on amount of fat you have and areas you want to target.  Each treatment lasts just half an hour.  Some people like to have top-up treatments 6 months or a year later to maintain the outstanding results.

Is it safe?

Laser lipo is completely safe and originally the method was used for cell regeneration and pain relief.  The only people who should avoid laser lipo are those suffering with liver or kidney dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, cancer or pregnant/breast feeding women.

To book your free laser lipo consultation at a Hatfield skin and beauty clinic, call BeauSynergy on 01707 662477 or email –  you know you’re always in safe, capable hands.

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