How To Always Look Good Even by The Pool!
24 September 2021

How To Always Look Good Even by The Pool!

The summer brings many challenges, particularly for women.  Warmer months mean getting your legs out, having to be hair free at all times (a hard task if you’re in between Waxing Treatments for Men and Women from BeauSynergy waxing) and toe nails must be perfectly painted because it’s sandal season.  As well as feet, legs, and underarms to tend to, when it does get hotter, you might want to wear less make-up because the sun can give you a naturally healthy looking glow plus plain old make-up slippage.  How many times have you applied a perfect face with eye liner, lip liner, lipstick only to find by lunchtime it’s all smudged onto your cheeks?  What about when you go to the gym?  There’s nothing worse than finishing up a session with make-up smeared down your face!

Take some advice from theBeauSynergy Beauty Salon in Hatfield because we know exactly how to make you look amazing all year round, no matter what you’re doing and without the faintest trace of smudging or smearing!  Not only do we look after your “pins” so they’re delightfully smooth and hair-free with our various treatments, (including waxing and permanent laser hair removal) we also focus on bringing out your radiant beauty.  We have an excellent collection of semi-permanent make-up colours (sometimes called Cosmetic Tattooing or Micro-Pigmentation) which helps you to look perfectly prepared for anything.  No more sitting by a pool developing your tan wishing you were wearing your full face! No more worrying about over-plucked or sparse eyebrows either because we can highlight or enhance what you have already.

At our Hertfordshire beauty salon, we have fully trained professional beauty therapists who are experts at applying semi-permanent make-up.  So if you’re fed up wiping away your liquid eye liner or smudging your lip liner you should try this method because it works.  It also promises you always look good even first thing in the morning.  You never have to worry about rushing out again to get a pint of milk without your make-up on!

Another huge benefit of getting your semi-permanent make-up done in Brookmans Park Hertfordshire is the time it saves you applying your make-up.  Who couldn’t do with an extra ten or fifteen minutes in the morning?  Just think, you could spend that time enjoying a lie-in or maybe you could get to work earlier.

You’ll also save money on buying your make-up.  No more queuing up at your favourite make-up counter to buy that expensive eye liner or the gel liner in the little pot which takes ages to get right.  No, because you could have your make-up applied by our Hertfordshire and North London semi-permanent make-up experts. Oh also, why worry if your lipstick has stayed on after a glass of wine?  Choose a colour to match your favourite lipstick and have it semi-permanently applied so your lips always look gloriously full and luscious!

Rather than spend time getting the perfect lip line or beautiful flick ups at the end of your eye liner, permanent make-up in Brookmans Park, Herts works by placing tiny colour pigments just underneath the skin using a disposable 100% hygienic needle.  It doesn’t hurt but it is very slightly uncomfortable.  It’s not completely permanent and will fade over a number of months but it’s very easy to touch up which is another benefit because if you want to change the colour at a later date – you can.

To book your semi-permanent make-up application near WGC and St Albans, all you have to do is contact BeauSynergy and come in for a free consultation. We also conduct a patch test for safety which makes sure you don’t have any adverse reaction (which is rare).  When we meet you, we will talk about what you’re looking for and discuss the right colour to suit your complexion, facial features, facial contour and hair colouring.

On the day of your treatment, the area will be anaesthetised using a special cream.  We can colour many areas including adding hi-definition brows which are our number one semi-permanent make-up request at the moment. We can also add eye liner to define lashes and bring out the colour of your eyes – whether you want something soft and gentle or a more defined look, it’s completely up to you.  If you prefer fuller and more colourful lips, we can add lip liner and colour or if you’d rather just define the lip’s natural line we can match the colour up and give you a more noticeable shape.

To prepare for your treatment we just recommend you don’t wear any eye make-up, if you are a contact lens wearer, on the day of treatment use your glasses instead and if you are having your lips enhanced, you should let your doctor know.  This is because if you have ever suffered with cold sores, herpes or fever blisters on this area you will need to take medication a few days before and after the procedure to prevent an outbreak.  You should also avoid blood thinners, vitamin E, alcohol and aspirin 24 hours before your appointment.  Before a holiday, make sure you’ve had the procedure minimum 10 days before going into the sun.  Finally, if you have seen somewhere a look you particularly like and you have an image to hand please feel free to bring it with.

For more information and to book your semi-permanent make-up consultation in Brookmans Park call BeauSynergy on 01707 662477.

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