How Best to Treat Acne Scaring
29 September 2021

How Best to Treat Acne Scaring

Suffering from acne during one very stressful year of my life, it brought up lots of insecurities and layers of makeup but once under control I was back to having clearer skin but I was left with reminders of hard times written on my face. The insecurities and embarrassment of acne scarring can turn the most extravert of people to a wallflower sitting in the corner at a party. How best to treat acne scaring? Well, with the newest of technologies and the many options that there are in improving the health and appearance of your skin the options to gain results from treatments have increased. Here we look how best to treat acne scaring to prove there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Dermarolling (Micro-needling)

With the many benefits of Dermarolling one of the biggest highlights is the ability to diminish acne scaring, fading fine lines, signs of ageing and those who need to even out their skin tone. This form of micro-needling uses a mini wheel that has many tiny needles to gently and safely prick the face creating tiny pathways in the skin to penetrate properly. The space in between the pathways allow for wound healing to take place making way for new skin to grow healthier, plumper and much smoother. Although it takes a couple months before new collagen appears, it only takes about a month to see noticeable results after having had several sessions. So if the areas associated with acne scaring are treated with Dermaroller, the skin has the chance to re-generate its collagen, which causes more plumping of the area which fills the scars/ holes from that the old acne produced.


Similar to Dermarolling, Dermastamping uses many micro-needles but this time ‘stamped’ into the skin. This successful and clinically proven effective treatment works especially well on acne scaring and volume loss. Dermastamping gently triggers the production of new tissue while it’s still safe on the dermal and epidural layers. When you are looking at smaller tighter areas of the face ( around the nose for example ), the best way to treat acne scaring is with a Dermastamp.

Dermalux LED

This ‘leading non invasive treatment’ produces visibly smoother, radiant looking skin by using the wavelengths of light and the latest generation of Dermalux LED technology. Those with a wide array of skin conditions especially those with acne scaring find their skin appears noticeably smoother with this safe and effective treatment with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Skin cells, which have already been treated in a skin clinic such as BeauSynergy,  are instantly energized with as little as one treatment for a brighter and supple looking complexion.


People find that Cyrotherapy can be used for various ailments and to achieve different results but many aren’t aware of the benefits that this cold therapy can do for acne scaring. Cyrotherapy is a treatment that uses freezing temperatures in a localized area and allows exposure for several minutes. Antioxidant levels are improved and inflammation from acne heals and acne scaring is  reduced over the coming weeks. Cyrotherapy sessions are usually performed a couple times a week and will boost your skin’s collagen and tighten the skin’s elasticity. This is the least painful of the treatments and has proven at BeauSynergy skin clinic to be a successful idea that was not thought of anywhere else in the UK.

Take the first step to clearer skin by setting up a consultation to discuss with an experienced professional which treatment options work best for your acne scaring. With these especially these highly rated and most effective procedures, those suffering from acne scarring can step out in confidence knowing they’re just a phone call away from smoother, more supple looking skin.

BeauSynergy can be contacted immediately for more information and an affordable consultation on 01707 662477 or

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