Heliocare SPF50 for Skin Protection from Within
29 September 2021

Heliocare 360° SPF50 for Perfect Skin Protection

With this insistent daily hot sun, it is incredibly important to protect the skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Not only will these rays cause the skin to damage in the short and long term but nowadays more than ever, there are more cases of skin cancer, often due to lack of protection. With the body it is easier to remain covered up during the sunny or cloudy days of the year but it is more difficult to protect the face. Heliocare® is recommended by experts worldwide as well as the advanced skin technicians at BeauSynergy skin clinic.

Heliocare 360 SPF50 not only shields the skin’s surface from damage, but also defends the skin from within with its powerful Fernblock FC. The combination means the skin will not only have the maximum protection and UVA and UVB, visable light and infrared light-A, but also the free radicals caused by other environmental challenges.

Fernblock FC

Fernblock FC is a supercharged, fern derived anti-oxidant that fights and neutralises harmful free radicals in the skin, defending key skin cells like collagen and elastin. It is the result of years of research and exclusive to Heliocare 360 products.

BeauSynergy recommend Heliocare 360

Jacqui Bannister, owner and senior skin therapist at BeauSynergy skin clinic in Hertfordshire says ” Heliocare 360 SPF50 sun protection is the most important product that we use and offer. We constantly sell out as our clients love the range as it has the diversity to provide the right product for each and every skin. The quality of the heliocare texture means that our clients can use it all day, every day without compromising their skin by allowing it to breath under any makeup.” Heliocare is the best SPF 50 we have every come across and will continue to use it ourselves and recommend / insist its use to our clients”

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