Hair V Go: The Future Of Hair Removal At Beausynergy Herfordshire Clinic
29 September 2021

Looking for a no laser, no razor hair removal approach? No worries, at BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty Clinic in Hertfordshire, you will be treated to the best treatment for removing unwanted hair on your skin using the new Hair V Go formulation. Hair V Go the ideal is one of the best treatments manufactured by the UK biotech Clinogen Laboratories and specially designed to efficiently reduce, treat and clear fine downy hair hence eliminating the ‘peach-fuzz’ entirely.

Research has shown that nearly 40% of women around the world have to deal with unwanted facial hair which can be quite embarrassing in most cases. Women with the peach fuzz are forced to avoid standing in the sun or bright illumination to prevent the fuzz from showing. The fine downy hair can be equally annoying which is why you need to consider using Hair V Go as an absolute treatment.

Why Hair V Go

Using Hair V Go helps you get rid of fine and soft downy hair painlessly. Alternative hair removal approaches such as laser and IPL may not work in removing this type of unwanted facial hair for a number of reasons.

IPL or Laser hair removal technique requires that you have melanin, but where melanin is absent, then both of these two approaches can be ineffective in dealing with vellus hair. Similarly, due to lack of density pigmentation, dark hair might not respond effectively to laser or IPL hair removal techniques. This only leaves you with Hair V Go as the most ideal treatment for any unwanted facial hair.

Hair V Go can be used to effectively get rid of unwanted hair on fair skin, Indian skin, Arabic skin, Black skin and Asian skin tones. More significant is its efficiency in removing red hair which is quite impossible with laser or IPL hair removal. With Hair V Go, you will no longer need to spend heavily on laser treatment, no shaving and certainly no waxing.  Besides, at the end of the treatment using Hair V Go, your skin will be left feeling smooth, clear, soft and radiant. Moreover, this powerful hair removal formulation is enriched with remarkable ingredients such as panthenol and oligo proteins.

How Does Hair V Go Work

Hair V Go uses an alkaline to progressively get rid of non-hormonal, fine, fluffy, downy and red hair by removing the hair found just below the skin surface. The formulation then breaks down the protein structure of the hair follicle hence dissolving the hair and washing it away. In other words, the high pH formulation explicitly targets Keratin thus slowing down the growth of hair while also decreasing the density and length of your unwanted facial hair. The Hair V Go ensures that you get penetration down the hair follicle as well as across the hair shaft.

The progressive disabling of the stem cells within the bulge reduces the activity of the cells’ activity as well as hair growth. The result is a smooth and rejuvenated skin. The process is not accompanied by any pain neither does it leave any skin rashes, scarring, burns nor hyperpigmentation. This makes Hair V Go a quick, painless and very safe treatment that anyone looking to get rid of facial hair can undertake.

Where to Get Hair V Go Treatment

If you want soft downy hair removed from your face, you can reach out to BeauSynergy at our Brookmans Park clinic in Hartfield, Hertfordshire. After a friendly consultation, we will give you the product with instructions on how you can use it to achieve maximum results.

BeauSynergy is dedicated to providing the best skin and beauty treatments that will leave you attractive, young and rejuvenated. Our patients hold our treatments in high esteem and this is why we never disappoint them. We ensure, our treatments produce the results that we promise our clients as well as giving them realistic expectations.  BeauSynergy is your go-to clinic for any beauty and skin treatments and most importantly we can guarantee you the best treatments at very affordable costs.

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