Gorgeous and Comfortable Body Sculpting Wear
24 September 2021

What if we said you could look beautiful, feel comfortable and lose dress sizes naturally without surgery, dieting or rigorous exercise? Don’t pinch yourself – you’re not dreaming! Exotic Waist Sculpting and compression Shapewear undergarments are the answer.

Scientifically Proven Shapewear Waist Sculptor Garments

 has, for years, been leading the medical field in post-surgery compression garments to aid and speed up recovery. Now, using the patented technology, they have developed a most exotic, beautiful and extremely comfortable range of shapewear and body sculptor undergarments which dramatically improves body shape and aids slimming. The gorgeous medical grade garments have been developed to give illusions of a nip ‘n’ tuck without having surgery and cinching waists into hourglass perfection.

Besides being a powerful tool to slim and sculpt the body, the shapewear range is comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday use.

Macom’s range of compression garments /lingerie/hosiery has been expanded to help women and men who wish to maintain their everyday lifestyle but give the illusion of a tighter, smoother and slimmer figure. They will also benefit from gradual waist size reduction and a continual better posture.

The Corset and Shapewear that Instantly Sculpt Your Body

There is something for everyone and anybody that wishes to look slimmer all over their body. Ideally worn for a mininum of 6 hours per day the range and benefits include:

  • Waist Sculptor with hidden boning and “hourglassPeek perfection”.
  • Ultimate Sculptor for abdominal and upper back smoothing and fat reduction.
  • The shaping girdle for abdominal slimming.
  • Body Godiva for the full body slimmer.
  • Slimming shorts for buttocks and abdominal shaping.
  • Ballerina for everyday use under clothing.
  • Leggings to make your legs look slimmer and stop swelling.
  • Peek a boo body to give a bust lift, make you look slimmer with curves.
  • Wonder suit to give bra roll control and boost lymphatic drainage.

Post Pregnancy Muscle Strengthening Bodywear

From a baby tum to a mummy yum!

Today we see a different generation of new mothers turn to medical-grade compression shapewear to regain their strength, confidence and shape following childbirth.

It is always the hope that women’s bodies will “bounce back” post-pregnancy, however, this can be difficult to achieve without any outside help. As the body prepares for childbirth, an abundant amount of hormones are released to help loosen the abdominal muscles. Because these hormones remain in the body for up to six months following birth, it is important to provide support to the weakened and separated muscles to ensure they can easily return to their pre-pregnancy form.

The  postnatal range compression garments are specifically designed to provide comfort and support to help restore the abdomen’s natural shape. As the stomach is compressed, the muscles are more easily joined together which allows for the mother’s natural shape to be regained at a much faster rate.

Compression Wear For Total Body Sculpting in Hertfordshire

We are proud to be a leading local stockist of these gorgeous body slimming and body shaping, medically produced garments in North London. BeauSynergy offers multiple types of corsets for waist and upper back compression, abdominal and full-body slimmers, shorts, bodysuits, chest lifting garments and even full body suits that offer bra roll control and help slim flabby arms.

Best of all, these compression garments don’t require time-consuming maintenance. They’re machine washable and dry quickly and easily.

Also, Look Great with Shapewear Waist Sculptor

Our favourite thing about our body sculpting clothes and undergarments is that they look great on, and help you feel better about how you’ll look with them off. Worn underneath your clothing or in the gym for exercise, they’re discreet, comfortable and help you make the most of your body shape. And even better, they truly help tone and slim so when you’re out of them you’ll feel more body confident!

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