Get the Best Semi-Permanent Makeup at BeauSynergy
29 September 2021

Best Micro-pigmentation Treatment at BeauSynergy

Looking good is an investment that you must be willing to see through. However, with the multiple varieties of makeups and beauty enhancement techniques available in the cosmetic industry, it has become increasingly difficult to pick what works for your skin. You might buy some makeup only to realize that it takes you a lot more time to put on than the time you would take to choose and put on the right dress. If you are faced with such inconveniences, then it is time you tried putting on semi-permanent makeup.

A semi-permanent makeup will give you a longer lasting makeover that will not only enhance your features but also help you not to worry about constant touch-ups.


How is micro-pigmentation treatment Applied

If you walk into BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty clinic, you may find that semi-permanent makeup is also referred to as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic-tattooing. This beauty treatment procedure makes use of a micro-needle to administer a coloured pigment under the desired skin area. This pigmentation will give the same impression that conventional makeups give. The only difference being that with the micro-pigmentation treatment, you don’t have to purchase expensive cosmetic products or maintain the applied makeup every now and then.

Facts about Semi-Permanent Makeup

The cosmetic tattooing as provided by Kerry Turner at our BeauSynergy beauty clinic can take up to five years to entirely diminish or fade. More so the time it takes to fade is relative to the time it would take for there to be significant changes to your skin’s morphology. This is significant in that it allows for new pigment to be applied to suit your present skin tone.

It is also worth noting that micro-pigmentation treatment is a painless procedure which takes a very short period of time to perform. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the makeup has been provided.

If you are ever worried about the safety of the procedure, we at BeauSynergy can guarantee that micro-pigmentation is 100% safe and meets all the standards of a normal cosmetic procedure. Most of our previous clients have commended Kerry on the wonderful job she did in providing them with a long-lasting makeup.

A micro-pigmentation treatment is the best alternative for anyone looking to focalize their beauty on their lips or eyes as well as those who may have been unfortunate to lose their brows to chemotherapy or some illness.

Reaching Out for Micro-Pigmentation Treatment

At BeauSynergy, we take great care of all our clients, it is understandable therefore that we take a keen interest in unravelling any skin medical issues you may have prior to proceeding with this treatment. When you reach out to us for consultation, we shall perform a patch test which will help guarantee you zero reaction to the micro-pigmentation treatment.

The second stage of the micro-pigmentation treatment is the application of anaesthetic cream to numb the skin against any sensitivity when the micro-needle is inserted. This is how we ensure that the procedure is painless, so sit back, relax and let the experienced Kerry Lawson do her magic to transform your beauty.

Semi-Permanent Makeup offered at BeauSynergy

A semi-permanent makeup of the eyebrows is intended to enhance fullness to the thin, sparse and scarce eyebrows. It is an addition to the normal makeup routine which gives you the option of adding an extra touch of cosmetics to your impressive look.

With a semi-permanent makeup, you can quite easily add accentuation to your lip line, shape and colour. This is especially great if you suffered scarring damage.

Semi-permanent makeup which adds colour to the eye line helps define it as well as accentuate your eyelashes and also the eye shape. We at BeauSynergy skin and beauty clinicwill assist you all the way, whether you want a soft line to add a bit of depth to your normal makeup routine, or you want a noticeably defined, long-lasting look.

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