Get the Best Manicure Treatment In Town At BeauSynergy Brookmans Park Clinic
29 September 2021

The Best Manicure Beauty Treatment At BeauSynergy

We are always looking for better ways to enhance our appearance, but most times we often overlook the simplest things we need tuning. Your nails for instance, given the right manicure, can make you the most attractive person in a crowd. So if you want to look cute in a simple, classy way, you need to work on your nails among other things.

A BeauSynergy manicure beauty treatment is perfected especially for those out to showcase the best nails. BeauSynergy manicure is done at our Brookmans Park in Hatfield.

Manicure at Brookmans Park

BeauSynergy Brookmans Park manicure is the best chance you’ve got to breathe life into your fingers using Gelish Gel nails. This is part of the overall manicure beauty treatment that we provide you with. Using this Gelish Gel manicure, we can confidently guarantee you strong acrylic nails that are complimented with a natural appearance.

Gelish Gel nails offered as manicure treatment is similar to normal nail polish in that it requires an application of three coats; base coat, polish coat, and top coat. Every single one of these coats is then cured with a UV nail light for two to three minutes, the result being head-turning impressively done nails.

Why We Offer Gel Nails

i. Natural Appearance

Gel nails unlike other types of artificial nails have a more natural appearance and are quite glossy. They also fit quite naturally with your fingers as well.

ii. Less UV Curing Time

With Gelish Gel nails, the time taken for the UV curing to complete is quite short, and the nails do not have fumes commonly associated with acrylic nails. This is why our Gelish Gel nails are considered as the most environmentally friendly manicure treatment of its kind.

iii. Finishing Touch

Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, we surprise you with final touches of French Tips paint or a cool, dainty, wild and unique design embroidered in a glossy finish.

What You Need to Know About Manicure Gel

BeauSynergy Gelish Gel nails can last for 14 days. With these nails, you also have the option of applying a base primer. And if you choose not to apply the base primer, your nail bed won’t get damaged either, and this is precisely due to the professionalism of our beauticians.

When applied without a primer, the Gelish Gel does not leave a hard impression, but if incorrectly applied, the primer can cause undesirable damage to the nail.

You also need to be careful about exposure to water because in most cases, the water can result in fungal infection.


Alternative Finishes to Gelish Gel Manicure

  • Matte- It dries completely flat and could lead to streakiness. Similarly, it has no shine or gloss.
  • Sheer- Comes in shades of green with a transparent finish.
  • Pearl- It comes in silver, copper and gold colors and usually has a fine metallic shimmer.
  • Glitter

Importance of Coats in Manicures

Different coats play different roles in maintaining the quality of manicures. Base coats, for instance, prevent your nails from discoloration which may be a result of the continual use of dark colors. Topcoats, on the other hand, will add shine as well as prevent the nail polish from chipping and fading. This, in turn, makes the nail varnish last longer.

Getting your fingers manicured and then finished off with natural or gel nails, is the perfect addition to any beauty treatment. Consult our beauty experts at BeauSynergy and inquire about our best manicure nail treatments. With the help of our expert professionals, we can help supplement your beauty with the best eye-catching manicures.

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