Get Beautiful Brows and Lashes in Brookmans Park
24 September 2021

Brows and Lashes

Give your eyes the ‘wow’ factor before going out for the weekend! Full, gorgeous and on-trend brows and lashes in Brookmans Park can be yours.

Striking HD brows and LVL lashes will make your eyes really stand out, help to highlight your best features and make you look more polished. You can ever wear less makeup because you’ll look so put together with beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyes are such a key feature; making the most of them will help you feel confident about how great you look. Kerry at our skin and beauty clinic close to Potters Bar, Cuffley and Hatfield is well known throughout the area for the stunning way she creates these additions to your facial features.

Beautiful HD Brows

Make your brows the focal point of your face through a course of carefully shaping and tinting your eyebrows. The HD Brows treatment uses the following steps to ensure your brows are perfect:

  • tinting
  • waxing
  • threading
  • tweezing
  • trimming
  • penciling
  • shaping
  • mineral makeup

HD Brows are done to frame your best facial features and colour matched to your hair and skin tone. If you’re after perfect brows and lashes in Brookmans Park, this celebrity-endorsed beauty treatment is ideal for both women and men.

HD Brows are fast and require minimal upkeep. Done in just one appointment, they last four to six weeks before requiring maintenance.

Luscious LVL Lashes

The best accompaniment for your new eyebrows is a full set of LVL Lashes. Stunning and effective, they’re a safer alternative to false lashes or harmful eyelash curlers and eyelash perming.

LVL Lashes lift, lengthen and volumise your natural eyelashes. They great for people with fair colouring or lashes that are thin, stubby or sparse.

Treating yourself to perfect brows and lashes in Brookmans Park will definitely make your eyes look bigger, more alert and less tired. With LVL Lashes, you won’t need to pinch yourself with an eyelash curler or use mascara every day.

LVL Lashes take less than an hour to apply. They last more than 6 weeks before touch-ups and require very little maintenance.


Perfect Brows and Lashes in Brookmans Park

Step out looking stunning this week with fantastic HD Brows and LVL Lashes. Give BeauSynergy a ring today and make an appointment. We serve the areas of North London and Hertfordshire including Potters Bar, St. Albans and Welwyn Garden City.

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