From the House to Award Winning Hertfordshire Skin Clinic
29 September 2021

BeauSynergy – From An Idea To Awards

As BeauSynergy comes to its 9th Birthday, I thought it worth re-telling a short history of where we have come from to where we are now from a small residential room to an awarding winning Herfordshire clinic.

BeauSynergy was formed in January 2009 as an idea to utilise Jacqui Bannister’s depth of knowledge in skin rejuvenation as we felt there was a gap in the market.

Without the initial budget, we began from the humble dwellings of the spare room in the house with one machine and one line of products. It soon became obvious that having clients in and out of the house all day was not becoming as a skin clinic.

We moved to a small old florist in Brookmans Park after 6 months but realised, a long time before we moved again, that the shop was too small to be able to cope with the volume of clients. Customer service was suffering as the waiting room had one chair and one could not move in the clinic if there were more than 4 people in there, which was the case most days as thankfully are paper diaries were often full.

In 2011 we moved to the premises we are in now at 75 Bradmore Green and are open 7 days a week. We have a lovely reception area and 3 good sized treatment rooms etc.

We always try to make a difference. Both within the clinic and outside. For example, we dug up the scruffy grey slab paving as soon as we moved in and replaced it with nice sandy small block paving. We then added two wooden benches, some nice big pavement posters and recently some spiral trees in pots to make the shop look even more inviting. Inside, we have the eccentric red chair and the ornate chandelier. Both these we feel just add some fun to a place which people may regard as very clinical, should they read that we are a skin clinic.

Award Winning Hertfordshire Skin Clinic

Our award-winning clinic has evolved and will continual to evolve in order to bring the latest in science, technology and the best customer service to our wonderful clientele. We have been known for many years as the clinic that has the knowledge and get results but we also like to feel that we bring a sense of personality and fun to our work which hopefully rubs off on our clients to allow them to be more relaxed during their time with us.

As 2017 draws to a close we can look back at our purchases for the year and can honestly say they have been a resounding success. Upgrading both the skin scanner and our Dermalux LED Light Therapy machines have brought us even more conclusive observations of the skin and even better results under the lamps ( as a stand-alone treatment and as a finale to a particular treatment on the day).

We have also expanded Beauty by BeauSynergy with our advancements in PolyGels and Paraffin and with Christmas and the Party season approaching; as the Hertfordshire Skin Clinic, we are expecting once again to be very busy. So we are something for everyone, both Men and Women and feel we can look back at the 9 years with a lot of pride in what we have achieved for so many of our lovely clients – it’s the customer welfare, results and customer experience that really matters to us and we look forward to many more years of the same.

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