Fat Freezing – Hertfordshire’s Hot New Beauty Treatment
24 September 2021

If you’re like us, you spend time keeping up with the latest beauty and wellness trends online, from what the “must have” nail varnish colours are for the season to attaining the perfect brows or glowing skin. One buzzworthy treatment we’re particularly excited to offer is fat freezing!

What Is Fat Freezing?

The technology behind fat freezing is both impressive and effective. In fact, it’s become the world’s number one non-invasive fat reducing procedure, and for good reason.

How it Works

Fat freezing gently suctions the skin in the areas you want to target for far loss. It then uses controlled cooling (a technical procedure known as cryo lipolysis) to drop your skin temperature in these spots. As it reaches a certain temperature, the fat cells crystallise and die. Throughout the following weeks, your body then eliminates them naturally.

Why Fat Freezing is so Popular

This treatment is gaining so much attention worldwide because it’s easy and effective. There’s no painful surgical procedure to recover from and therefore, no downtime.

The Fat freezing in Hertfordshire and in particular in Hatfield, near Welwyn, does the treatment quite differently and with even better results. Whereas the most commonly known fat freezing, just freezes the fat cells just the once before allowing the cells to naturally drain away, the LipoContrast system has a Triple Thermal Shock which freezes, heats and then freezes again. Other fat freezing methods of cryo lipolysis are able to reduce fat cells in any treated area by as much as 25%, whereas LipoContrast can remove 33% of fat cells in just one sitting. Therefore it is the best treatment for those needing to lose fat quickly in order to get ready for the summer or the year long parties. You must always understand that to keep the fat from returning, you should have a balanced diet with exercise for good overall health.

What Areas of Fat Can be Removed With Fat Freezing

With the specific heads available nowadays, it is possible to make dramatic differences in the lives of people who are suffering from pockets of stubborn fat that they cannot remove. This maybe something that is hereditary, lack of time to be serious about hard exercise or even post pregnancy and post child birth. Fat freezing removes fat from isolated areas like the belly, tummy, stomach, abdomen, back, legs, thighs, arms, chin and even the moobs on men. This is what we refer to as spot reduction. Whilst exercise and diet alone cannot specifically target an area of weight loss, fat freezing can

Are you looking to lose weight and slim down?

> You can learn more about Fat Freezing and Slimming Treatments in Hertfordshire here.

What to Understand

As much as we love the effectiveness of the fat freezing procedure, there are a few points you should keep in mind before you visit our fat freezing clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Does it Hurt?

Your fat freezing procedure shouldn’t be painful, although you may feel some discomfort for the first 20 minutes and possibly have some numbness and a tiny bit of bruising afterwards. Some people have reported that the treated area feels numb for a short time afterwards.

Is it Effective Immediately?

The treatment does take up to four weeks to work properly and generally lose up to 33% of fat cells with LipoContrast as it’s not an instant solution. Once your fat cells have begun to crystallise, die and be eliminated, then you’ll begin to notice the loss in your target areas. As mentioned, a healthy diet and exercising regularly can also help you get and maintain the best results.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Many people find that one treatment is enough to effectively target their challenge areas and achieve their goals. However, some people may want or require additional treatments to maximise their fat loss.

Your professional therapist will consult on your unique circumstances prior to beginning the procedure, affording ample opportunity to decide on your goals and the number of treatments and the specific areas you may require treatment on. After your first session, you’ll also be able to assess how well it worked and whether you’re best to continue with more.

Are you looking lose inches of specific areas of your body?

You can learn more about how we can use Fat Freezing treatments for your arms, stomach, breast and legs here.


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