Exclusive Semi Permanent Makeup At BeauSynergy Beauty Clinic
29 September 2021

Try Semi-Permanent Makeup To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Semi-permanent makeup is also commonly known as micro-pigmentation. For those who would love to makeup, then micro-pigmentation would be the ideal solution for you. A semi-permanent makeup is a temporary cosmetic tattoo that gives you a longer-lasting eye-liner, lip colour and the ability to contour and shape your eyebrows easily.

The process involves placement of tiny pigment particles, underneath the skin surface. The pigment placed under the skin will stay for a good number of years and wear off gradually as it fades with time. However, the durability of the semi-permanent make-up will very much depend on your skin type as well as your age.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency to refine semi-permanent makeup techniques. What we currently have at BeauSynergy Clinic is a wide variety of pigmentation colours which have been developed to create ultra-natural looks. Our trained makeup beauticians are well-equipped and skilled to provide you with the best micro-pigmentation treatment.

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves manually inserting a pigment into the skin layers to enhance the impression of fullness to the shape of the eyebrows. This technique makes use of a manual blade with sharp strokes and crisp. Micro-blading produces natural results similar to hair strokes.

There are a couple of other semi-permanent makeup techniques that we currently provide to our clients especially for the eyebrows. HD Brows is a one of the perfect semi-permanent makeup made of precision preening, waxing, tinting and brow shaping which gives a flawless finish. However, although the results of HD brows are perfectly impressively, it requires periodic treatment after every month.

Brow extension of brow stencilling can boost thinning brows by filling gaps and extending the natural brows.

Why Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup has its range of significance besides enhancing your eyebrows. Medically, semi-permanent makeup can be used to create an areola to disguise scars after mastectomy. Individuals suffering from vitiligo, a chronic disorder causing depigmentation in skin patches can also use semi-permanent makeup to get rid of the skin patches. Most people prefer to use it for the following reasons;

  • Boosts a younger appearance and looks by replacing colour loss
  • Creates an illusion of beautiful eyelashes
  • Creates more defined eyebrows hence gives you a perfect eyebrows shape
  • Balances your facial features
  • Maintains your makeup appearance even when you go swimming or when in a gym.
  • Can give the impression of natural colours

How does semi-permanent make-up work?

Semi-permanent makeup procedure involves implanting a pigment into the skin epidermis using a fine needle with a mineral based ink. For micro-blading, six measurements are taken on your brow bone to create an outline of your brows. The procedure takes at least one and half hours with some extending up to two hours. The healing process is quick, but full results take several weeks to appear due to the healing process of your skin.

The results of this makeup do not wash off but gradually wear off as your skin ages. When well-maintained with some additional touch-ups, it can take up to a whole year or more.

Semi-permanent make up eyebrows

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Ideally, anyone who is pretty much into makeups should find it valuable and convenient to use semi-permanent makeup. If your lips lack colour and shape, you can use semi-permanent makeup to restore them to fullness without having to use dermal fillers. If you always have to use pencil for your eyebrows, you can enhance the shape and fill the gaps where they are over-plucked using this makeup. While some people find the need to use other typical makeups, a semi-permanent makeup is ideal for those who would like to avoid under-eye smudging.

It is not uncommon to find some traditional cosmetics which are not compatible with your skin and using them might cause some allergic reactions. If this is the case, you need a semi-permanent makeup that will give you the best results without any reaction. However, if you are an ideal candidate for semi-permanent makeup, you should have some realistic expectations.

It should be noted however that individuals with an active skin disorder, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart conditions, patients prone to keloid scarring and insulin-dependent diabetics should shy off from semi-permanent makeup.

Generally, semi-permanent makeup techniques can be used for the following;

  • To reconstruct eyebrows for alopecia patients and patients who have lost hair through burns
  • For cosmetic correction of the cleft palate
  • To correct and restore facial asymmetry
  • To camouflage surgical scars.

Side effects of Semi-permanent treatments

Very few side effects have been associated with semi-permanent makeup, but all these can be easily controlled. Some of the common side effects include;

  • Dramatic results when the wrong combination of pigments is made. However, in the hands of our skilled beauty experts at BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty clinic, such mediocrity will never happen.
  • Allergic reactions which can be avoided by having a skin sensitivity test beforehand.
  • Scarring
  • Infection which can be avoided by proper sterilisation.

Semi-permanent treatments are becoming more popular every day. Popular artists and personalities are using semi-permanent to achieve unparalleled beauty and facial enhancement that takes long before wearing off. If you are interested in getting a semi-permanent makeup, contact us, and we will make your visit to our clinic a worthy experience.

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