Ease your Skin Pigmentation- CryoPen Treatment
29 September 2021

Skin Pigmentation and How to Best Treat Them

Skin pigmentation usually appears as a dark skin region on a specific body part which is most commonly found on the face. Due to contrasting light and dark skin regions, you will begin to notice an asymmetric skin tone and lines. In effect, skin pigmentation is simply a damaged skin whose melanin producing cells are also damaged. Ageing among other factors may also cause the damage to the melanin producing cells.

The factors considered include the sun rays, most specifically the UVB and UVA rays, which does accelerate the damage to the skin as well as the melanin producing cells. Therefore, there is a likelihood of you damaging your skin even with glasses on. In addition, if you are not accustomed to wearing skin protection, this could be worse.

Unlike most other unsightly skin conditions, skin pigmentation usually takes a long time before it appears on your legs, hands, chest, back, and face which can be dangerous, as too much damage will have been done on your skin by the time you are able to diagnose the condition visually.

Types of Skin Pigmentation

There are two common types of skin pigmentation; hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Hyper skin pigmentation encompasses natural ageing and post inflammatory pigmentation resulting from trauma. Hypo, on the other hand, is a type of skin pigmentation characterised by the lack of colour in the skin. Studies show that the amount of melanin in the skin determines your skin colour, therefore, anything that would cause a lack of melanin will, in essence, lead to hypopigmentation.

Skin pigmentation can be quite unsightly especially if you have a shiny skin. For some time now, people have been unable to treat skin pigmentation in a way that brought satisfactory results. However, with the latest CryoPen, chemical peels and skin peels, you can rely on BeauSynergy to help you fully recover from a majority form of skin pigmentation. As mentioned in previous posts, Dermaroller micro-needling can sometimes be used in combination with other treatments to get rid of sun spots, hypo and hyper pigmentation and brown pot lines. However, it would depend on a thorough skin consultation with the skin specaialist.

CryoPen Treatment for Skin Pigmentation

The CryoPen system is one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in cryo-surgery. The treatment uses a linear compression cooling type of technology which helps to prevent any handling of cryogenic liquids and gases that could pose a health hazard.

Using Beausynergy’s CryoPen treatment would require you to visit our clinic at the skin care and beauty clinic at Hertfordshire several times for full recovery depending on the nature of your skin pigmentation., but the CryoPen treatment is now world re-known as being extremely effective in having helped many everyday people get the optimal results they were aiming for.

CryoPen guarantees you results without having to worry about scarring. CryoPen provides a safe skin pigmentation treatment environment both to the physician and the patients. This treatment is the future to cryo-surgery and promises to continue providing the required results whenever it is administered.

Skin pigmentation is only one of the many skin conditions that you would want to get rid of at the earliest opportunity. There are many bogus treatments that if you aren’t careful will only worsen your skin condition. So look for a reliable skin care and beauty clinic that is tried, tested and is proven worthy of its services. You should take your skin conditions seriously. Therefore, visit a skin specialist like BeauSynergy immediately if you discover anything out of the ordinary with your skin tone, texture or physical appearance.

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