Do You Really Need a Dermatologist?
24 September 2021

Do You Really Need a Dermatologist?

While many people could choose to visit a dermatologist in Hertfordshire or in their local area for a number of skin conditions there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try BeauSynergy in Brookman’s Park as a fantastic alternative. 

Do you really need a Dermatologist? BeauSynergy are known to be the most reputable advanced skin specialists in Hertfordshire and able to successfully conduct a vast amount of treatments for various skin conditions.  We pride ourselves in taking our time to really discuss your skin concerns and boast a team of qualified skin specialists who fully understand most of the skin issues and conditions associated with ones that you would look first to see a Dermatologist about. Advanced skin specialists like BeauSynergy do not prescribe drugs but are highly proficient in skincare and so are a viable alternative to seeing a Dermatologist in Hertfordshire regarding your acne, rosacea, acne scarring, skin tags, thread veins, warts, verrucae, blood spots, sun damage and pigmentation etc.

Saving Money!

At BeauSynergy we never even charge for our initial skin consultations. This is very different to any Dermatologist, whose cost can be over a £100 just for an initial chat. As well as our free initial consultations, all our treatments are priced competitively and we use all the latest approved paramedical products and lasers. You will find that most of our treatments are of the highest level and in fact, exactly the same treatments are carried out in Harley Street and other well-known establishments in London for three times the price. So, if you are looking for the cheapest Dermatologist in Hertfordshire, then why not instead look for a much more cost effective and affordable alternative to a Dermatologist by visiting BeauSynergy skin clinic near Hatfield and north London.

A Paramedical Solution

We’ve noticed more and more people are turning to us, their skin clinic in Herts for treatment on a number of skin problems.  We don’t prescribe medication for skin conditions preferring to use paramedical and laser solutions.  We believe this is a huge benefit because it means you don’t ingest chemicals at all but instead you enjoy luxurious treatments, of which some of them can be exceptionally relaxing and rejuvenating too. Our treatments help to repair, strengthen, rebuild and calm your skin condition as well as your mind.

We Treat Acne

An acne sufferer might be advised a short course of our DMK Alkaline treatment which banishes acne safely and leaves no scarring. Another superb skin treatment we might suggest alongside the DMK could be a series of luxurious facials which are all deep cleansing and toxin releasing so are designed to revive complexions and geared towards clearing up breakouts.  These types of treatments are not offered by Dermatologists who might recommend a topical chemical solution or a course of antibiotics whereas at BeauSynergy we prefer a more holistic approach that works. With Danne DMK for instance, we produce bespoke treatments that marry the chemistry within the individual’s own skin and therefore attack the condition from inside out.

The DMK Alkaline treatment, along with others, also helps to get rid of acne safely and without scarring.  It penetrates deep into the skin, clearing out the dirt and toxins which cause unsightly spots and pimples. After a follow-up treatment of LED light therapy, the skin is left clearer and brighter following treatment.  We would also advise a diet plan and lifestyle action plan to keep acne at bay and we give you a homecare pack so that you can continue your treatment in the comfort of your own home.

We Treat Rosacea

The Danne DMK Alkaline treatment is one of our best courses of action for so many skin conditions.  So rather than turning to a Dermatologist in Hertfordshire or Harley Street, you might prefer to visit our own skin clinic in Herts if you suffer from rosacea for example.  The treatment is absolutely outstanding. It involves a specialist skin cleanser which really penetrates into the skin safely which reduces the redness caused by rosacea and decreases inflammation.  It also boosts the cells allowing them to re-grow, to reveal a clearer, smoother and fresher looking complexion.

A follow-up course of LED light therapy treatment helps the healing process and to rebuild the skin. LED light therapy by Dermalux is another added and natural remedy that you may not receive at a Dermatologist. Just one treatment can make a difference and after two or three you will notice significant improvement.  Dermalux LED light therapy we can repair and hydrate the skin to rapidly speed up the healing process.  It’s so relaxing our clients enjoy it.  It’s fantastic for facial rejuvenation and lasts just 20 minutes during which time you bask in the refreshing glow of LED which improves skin texture, skin

Dermalux LED light therapy repairs and hydrates the skin to rapidly speed up the healing process.  It’s so relaxing our clients enjoy it.  It’s fantastic for facial rejuvenation and lasts just 20 minutes during which time you bask in the refreshing glow of LED which improves skin texture, skin colour, and appearance.  We particularly love its healing properties and recommend it after acne, pigmentation, and rosacea treatments.

We Treat Pigmentation, Milia, Blood Spots, Warts & Skin Tags

Of course, there are many other conditions that you may think you will need to visit a GP or Dermatologist for but you really don’t need to. At BeauSynergy we perform treatments to remove and reduce pigmentation which can include unsightly age spots, brown spots and sun spots. To treat pigmentation we would generally use the CryoPen. This blasts the affected area with nitrous oxide and freezes the cells and once healed, leave a new layer of skin appears without pigmentation. There’s no chance of affecting healthy skin around the pigmentation area.  Cryopen also treats milia, blood spots, and skin tags – no need to travel to a Dermatologist when this treatment is quick and with minimal discomfort and best of all it is far cheaper at BeauSynergy . Plus we can treat warts, and verrucae, so you don’t need a podiatrist or chiropodist in Brookmans Park, Hatfield as we perform the same treatments quickly, safely, painlessly and at prices that are so much more affordable than the same treatments elsewhere.

How much does it cost to see a Dermatologist?

Of course, the price of a Dermatologist varies from practice to practice but will probably find that they are considerably more expensive than seeing an advanced skin clinic in Hertfordshire and north London, like BeauSynergy. We offer nearly all the treatments that Dermatologists offer, including those in Harley Street and London, but at a more competitive price. You will also find you will get an appointment a lot quicker at BeauSynergy. It makes sense to see a skin clinic like ours if you are looking for a skincare clinic close to where you live in Hertfordshire and north London.

Learn more about our skin treatments as an alternative to Dermatologists, or book a free skin consultation to talk to an expert. – See more

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