DMK Danne Review for Acne Treatment
29 September 2021

We loved this testimonial feedback for from Anna Smith at BeauSynergy so much that we thought we would use it as one of our articles. We have protected the name identity for this DMK Danne Review for acne treatment.

DMK Danne Review for Acne Treatment at BeauSynergy

Reviewing after my first visit & feeling great! Jacqui took a lot of time to really look at my acne prone skin and have a detailed briefing/ consultation prior to treatment. I found the clinic via Google search (best acne treatment Hertfordshire) as I was looking for a different type of acne treatment. I suffer from mild breakouts but my skin tends to retain blemishes and has a lot of blockage. I did try laser genesis & microdermabrasion before elsewhere which DID help my cystic breakouts but it did not do anything for the blockage. I have decided to try the DMK treatmentwhich is more bespoke and seems so far more tailored for a 1-to-1 need rather than a one size fits all. It also doesn’t seem to be commercialised yet so thought I’d give it a go.

I had my first session yesterday and was impressed that the whole experience was relaxing and even the consultation wasn’t rushed like in other skin clinics (I was there for 2 hours). The treatment itself is around an hour so you do feel you are getting your money’s worth. DMK is quite a gentle non abrasive treatment with hardly any down time. I was a slightly red after but it went down in half an hour.

You do have to spend money on home care treatment to get a holistic well-rounded treatment but can you really put a price on your skin and feeling good?! Jacqui was in no way pushy; she suggested I hold out until session 2 before purchasing homecare but I wanted to get used to my new routine and also feel that I was maintaining my £95 treatment rather than putting the wrong product on after and then hindering any progress.

Today is the morning after and have to say that my skin looks and feels lovely. I really hope that this treatment is the one for me. I’ll come back and do another review after my 4th or 5th treatment!

Good luck to all of you looking for a good treatment!!


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