Dehydrated or Dry Skin – which one have you?
29 September 2021

Dehydrated or Dry Skin are the same, aren’t they?

To so many people, it is a given that deydrated or dry skin are the same. However, this is not always the case. Do you actually know your skin type? Do you assume that because it seems dry then it much be dehydrated . We do alot of skin consultations each week and will give every client a skin scan. The results can be quite a shock to most.

It is generally found that clients either have combination skin or skin that changes seasonally or even week to week. The culprit is usually oily skin and congestion. So we immediately get asked, “what are the best treatments and potions to decongest or blast away the blackheads “Or questions like, ” I moisturise every day but I feel it is clogging my pores and so causing blackheads and pimple breakouts”.

Is Your Skin Oily to the Touch?

If you have oily skin all over your face then any excess oil will mean you will be prone to clogged pores and congestion. Also, after using a moisturiser you skin may still feel dirty to the touch. If  this is you, then your skin is dehydrated. Water and oil work together in your skin to keep it soft, lubricated, moisturized and protected. Skin becomes oily when it lacks moisture, as oil production is increased to lubricate the skin.  Now you have excess oil, instead of a balance. Where this process fails is that when there isn’t enough water to keep the oils moving freely through the pores, they can build up, harden and clog the pores This creates blackheads or trapping bacteria that can turn into blemishes. Without the proper hydration, any moisturizer you use can contribute to further clogging of the pores or just the moisturizer may just lay on top of the skin. When skin holds enough water your oils will move easily in and out of pores and absorb. They will absorb other nutrients from the moisturizers into your skin.

Water – the Very Best for Your Skin

Dry skin is lack of oil and dehydrated skin is lack of water.

The key is to hydrate internally and make sure you have plenty of moisture in the air around you. The importance of water can never be over-emphasised. Water constitutes up to 75 % of our bodies, 85% of our brains, and 15% of our bones.Water carries oxygen and nutrients through the blood and also regulates body temperature, as well as facilitating our body’s excretion processes. It not only hydrates and facilitates the delivery of nutrients to our cells, tissues, muscles, organs and bones but it also cleans our bodies and therefore our skin. So is it dehydrated or dry skin? Well keep your body hydrated so you can keep your skin clear and reduce your chances of early ageing, wrinkles and fine lines for years to come.

5 Tips for Keeping Skin Hydrated

  1. Drink at least 64 ounces of pure, spring, or filtered water each day to retain moisture and to hydrate the body internally. This will moisturize skin externally!
  2. Apply a moisturiser to the skin directly after showering or cleansing, while skin is still damp, to help lock in moisture and water.
  3. Limit the skins exposure to factors that will dry it out such as hot showers, heating, over-exposure to sun and  extremely dry climates or weather.
  4. Use a humidifier! Especially during cold winter months. Central heating and electric heaters can really extract moisture from your skin. If you don’t have a humidifier,  pop a bowl of water underneath your heater to disperse moisture throughout your room.
  5. Use water based moisturisers that are free of mineral oil and petroleum ingredients that can easily clog pores.

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