Cover Up Tattoos
24 September 2021

Cover Up Tattoos With glo.minerals

Have you ever needed to cover up tattoos? Whether it’s for an interview or having to hide it from a senior family member who doesn’t approve. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got some tips to help you temporarily cover your tattoo with makeup. Glo.minerals is the best makeup to cover up tattoos.

8-Step Tutorial to Cover up Tattoos (how can I hide my tattoo?)

Camouflage Makeup for Tattoos

  1. Use the Precision Eye Pencil in Peach to cover any dark outlines of the ink.
  2. Then take your Corrective Camouflage Kit and start building coverage over the darkest areas. Use the yellow shade to cover dark red, black, blue and purple. The mint shade to cover red and lavender will help cover yellow, greys and greens.
  3. To help blend it all out, use the neutral shade from the Corrective Camouflage Kit.
  4. Use Protective Liquid Foundation Satin II or Luxe Liquid Foundation and the Liquid Foundation Brush to cover the entire tattoo and blend.
  5. Then to set the foundation and help balance out any more stubborn colour apply Redness Relief Powder to the entire area using an Ultra Brush.
  6. For heavier coverage apply Loose Base.
  7. Touch up any dark areas with the Precision Eye Pencil in Peach.
  8. Finally, finish with Loose Base on top in a slightly darker colour to ensure total coverage!

Thank you to glo.minerals for this article. BeauSynergy sells a range of glo.minerals products which can be used to cover tattoos, scars or pigmentation/blemishes and also as a range to compliment the skin treatments performed at BeauSynergy.

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