Do you have unwanted skin tags? Are they affecting your self-esteem?

skin tag removal

NHS cannot remove Skin Tags, but the good news is … we consult and remove Skin Gags every day of the week.

Skin tags are common brown coloured growths that can appear anywhere on your body but are most commonly found on your face, eyelids, armpits, groin, and underneath the breasts. They are usually small but some can grow to around 30 mm in size.

Although harmless and benign, it’s still unknown what causes your skin tags to appear, although they are known to be more common in older people and those with diabetes. Tight fitting clothes are also thought to be a contributing factor, hence why they are often found around the neck line, groin and under the breasts.

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What treatment is used to remove Skin Tags?

The skin therapists will consult with you to determine the safest way to remove the tags with the most minimal discomfort. It may be decided that at treatment of Fibroblast Plasma Pen, Cryotherapy or Theramvein will produce the most satisfactory outcomes.

We keep the costs as low as we can (a fraction of London’s skin tag removal prices), in order to make the treatment available to as many as possible.

What’s the process for removing skin tags?

Following the necessary filling out of the health, safety and consent forms, we will clean the skin tags to be removed. No anaesthetic is necessary before we begin treatment. Depending on the size of the tag or tags, we may use one of three successful methods to remove the tags for good.



Treatment time and cost: This will vary slightly depending on the size and number of skin tags.

What we recommend you do now

  1. We offer a free phone call or free 10 minute consultation to answer your questions prior to making any booking. The treatment itself should take no more than 10 minutes depending on the size or how many tags.
  2. If you are under 17, you will need parental/guardian consent and for them to be present.
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Tessa B – “This treatment has helped my little girl so much. She’s happy again. She had warts on her hands and skin tags on her face, now her face is clearing up and warts are coming off.”

Treatments at a glance

Procedure Time

10+ Minutes

Back on your Feet




Sensitivity Time

1-5 Days


They will die and drop off within 2-7 days

Results Duration


Full Recovery


Number of Treatments

Typically 1

Potential Risks

Mild Redness

Before & After

Your Questions Answered

After your initial consultation to examine and analyse your skin, our skin care specialists will suggest using either our advanced Cryopen system or ThermaVein to remove your skin tags. The Cryopen works by shooting a narrow jet of Nitrous Oxide which quickly freezes the skin tag causing it to fall off shortly after. This treatment can be completed in one appointment, however, deeper rooted or larger skin tags may take two appointments to remove completely.

The ThermaVein is a small needle that uses advanced microwave technology to cauterise and remove the skin tag. It involves minimal discomfort, is quick and extremely effective at skin tag removal.

Yes. Once removed the skin tag will not grow back.

Very unlikely. With squeezing NHS budgets, this procedure is now considered cosmetic so your GP is unlikely to perform the removal.

Immediately after the treatment, redness may occur. One week after this, the tag will have died and dropped off and the healing of the skin should be complete. Because of location of most skin tags (under arms pits, groin etc), you may experience discomfort if your clothes rub, but only whilst the tag is dying.

You will experience a slight discomfort, but the treatment last for seconds, so it is shortlived.

Each session lasts around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the size of the tag or the amount of tags.

Once the session is complete, we will discuss with you what the proper after care routine is and how to ensure the best results of the procedure.

There are no specific requirements before the treatment. We suggest not to apply any cosmetics beforehand, and you should let us know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken.

We can treat most areas of the body. There may be some intimate areas which we may not be able to treat, but it’s best to discuss this over the phone initially.

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