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Rosacea treatment

A Rosacea treatment had previously been a little “hit and miss” with nearly every skin clinic in the world. Dermatologists tend to lean towards antibiotics which is not really a long term solution.

At BeauSynergy, we are now managing Rosacea consistently through clinic treatments and paramedial homecare. DMK like to say that we are capable of putting Rosacea into “controlled remission”.  Danne DMK  and AlumierMD are both world leaders in providing the education, in-clinic treatments and home care paramedical protocols to control Rosacea.

We have here an article written by Dr Montague King (DMK) discussing the problem of Rosacea and how we, as an advanced paramedial clinic, can treat the symptoms to make significant changes to your skin.


This will vary person to person based on a personalised treatment plan. Full details will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What we recommend you do now.

The starting point for any Rosacea treatment is to have a 45 min consultation with an experienced skin expert. This full consultation will include a skin analysis and skin scan. We discuss any relevant medical history and establish if there are any contraindications to treatment, as well as pre and post care procedures. Once the consultation has been completed, your skin technician will confirm the treatment plan and  book your Rosacea treatments. A consultation will cost just £45.00.

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Treatments at a glance

Procedure Time

Less than 30 minutes

Back on your Feet




Sensitivity Time

2-3 Days


Immediate. Best results between 2-14 days

Results Duration

Will vary depending on severity and lifestyle

Full Recovery


Number of Treatments

1 (A course may be recommended)

Potential Risks


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Your Questions Answered

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the face and areas where blushing occurs. It can appear as a mild redness of the cheeks but, if left unchecked, the condition may well become much worse. Also, it could lead to other symptoms that can be more severe.

Many people mistake Rosacea as a form of acne, however, the causes and symptoms are very different and an alternative approach is required for treating it.

It most commonly appears between the ages of 30 to 60 and affects women more than men, although men usually suffer from more serious symptoms.

The causes of Rosacea aren’t fully known but it is thought that the most common causes are sun damage, stress, too much exercise, and blood vessel disorders.

Step 1: Is to come and speak to our Skin Specialists here

Rosacea is a medical condition which can be assessed by the Skin Specialists here at the Hertfordshire Clinic, who can then devise you a treatment plan.

Step 2: Reduce inflammation and redness

Using AlumierMD, we will calm the skin with skin soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Hinokitiol, Sea Whip, Niacinamide, Aloe and with antioxidants, prevent flare-ups caused by environmental factors

Step 3: Repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier

Maintaining the skin’s natural barrier is crucial to preventing further moisture loss and improving cell turnover. Dry skin has a slower cell turnover compare to adequately hydrated skin; gentle exfoliating treatments can help regulate the process.

Step 4: Reduce bacteria and/or other microbial agents

One theorised cause of Rosacea is bacteria and another is the Demodex mite that releases bacteria into the skin when it dies. Use natural Antimicrobial ingredients to help keep skin free of breakouts.

Step 5: Protect from UV rays

Choose mineral-based broad-spectrum sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide such as Heliocare, which keep the skin cooler than chemical sunscreen ingredients by reflecting UV rays. Mineral ingredients are generally less irritating than chemicals, which is important for sensitive and Rosacea-prone skin.

Step 6: Camouflage redness

AlumierMD’s innovative color-encapsulated tinted sunscreens relieve redness and even out skin tone while providing broad-spectrum UV protection.

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