Unwanted Moles. Mole Removal is performed quickly and safely with minimal discomfort

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Mole Removal at the Herts Clinic

Mole removal is a very common cosmetic procedure within the clinic. Moles can appear on male and female persons of all skin colour and skin tone. The moles can be small or larger and can often be unsightly to many if they appear on skin not covered by clothing.


During your consultation by one of the senior skin therapists,  it will  determined whether we can proceed or not. You will also understand clearly about the procedure be advised on how to protect the area post treatment.

Currently the cosmetic procedure of Mole removal cannot be performed through the NHS. Thankfully at the clinic we are able to quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort remove one or any number of moles on any area of the body.

After receiving a doctors note or a letter from a qualified professional such as a Doctor or Dermatologist, we can safely remove any unwanted benign Mole. We use the advanced Plasma Pen to treat and remove any unwanted moles. This procedure has very minimal discomfort.

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What we recommend you do now

  1. Please bring the necessary note or letter from the professional (Doctor or Dermatologist, to the clinic.  The skin therapist can then discuss the procedure and answer any questions before you undertake the procedure on the day.
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Your Questions Answered

As we are not doctors, we are qualified skin specialists and technologists. We are not able to treat the removal of any moles without the consent of a doctor or Dermatologist. We will require a note to be shown to us which proves that any mole is not cancerous and can be removed using Plasma.

This procedure gives very minimal discomfort. No anaesthetic is required due to the speed and almost pain-free sensation. You may feel some warmth on your skin.

The result is permanent.

Very infrequently a second treatment may be required to remove a very large mole completely.

Generally up to 10 days, depending on the size of the mole that was treated.


A scab will soon appear on your skin’s surface. You should keep the affected area clean and dry. Apply aloe vera gel to prevent irritation and speed up the healing. The scab will become darker and fall off by itself in a few days. Your skin will become flat and smooth.

Mole removal using Plasma Pen is suitable for most men and women over 16 years of age. Any younger will need parental or guardian consent.

The procedure is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Your skin therapist will advice on any other medical conditions that may prevent the treatment taking place.

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