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How do we remove Blood Spots, Warts, Milia in the Hertfordshire clinic?

Initially you would make your appointment and have a Free consultation with one of our skincare specialists to examine the blood spots, warts and milia and their position on your body. Once complete, we will discuss the treatment and the associated costs.

All of our blood spots, warts, milia removal treatments are quick, painless and can be carried out in just one appointment. Doctors do not remove blood spots, warts, milia anymore as they regard the treatment as purely cosmetic. Depending on how many “spots” you have, we may well suggest multiple visits. Removing these “spots” is a simple process, whether we are using the advanced Cryopen or Thermavein systems. The CryoPen, for wart removal, emits a supercooled jet of Nitrous Oxide to freeze the “spots” completely. This freezing process kills the skin cells inside the “spots” causing it to drop off the skin. The Thermavein precision technology, for blood spots and milia,  heats the “spots” to a very high temperature causing the blood flow in the area to stop. The lack of blood flowing to the blood spot and milia causes the cells to quickly die off and the “spots” fall off.

What are Blood Spots?

Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots, blood spots are small, harmless growths that can appear anywhere on the body. They vary in size, being anywhere from the size of a small pinhead to a larger growth about half an inch long.


How do we remove Blood Spots in the Hertfordshire clinic?

We remove blood spots with our advanced ThermaVein system, which is practically painless, quick, and extremely effective. We point the Thermavein to the base of the necessary blood spot and very high burst of heat is released which kills of the blood cells which are supplying the spot. The spot will fall off and disappear within a few days. The cost to remove blood spots

What are Warts and the cost to remove them?

Warts are small lumps of hardened skin that appear most commonly on the face, feet, hands, and fingers, although they can be found around the entire body as groups or individually. Warts are generally painless, although they can be painful if they are bumped against something. Warts are caused by the HPV virus which makes the skin produce an abundance of keratin which leads to the rough, hard skin of a wart.


Warts are very common but harmless and most people will have one at some stage in their life. Despite their appearance, warts are non-cancerous but are contagious and can be passed on from skin to skin contact.

The cost of wart removal at BeauSynergy’s Hertfordshire.If the wart is large or there is more than one then further small costs need to be added.
The cost of removing warts by our professional skin care therapists is significantly lower than that of a private doctor or London Clinic.

How are Milia removed?

Milia are removed quickly and effectively using our ThermaVein system which completely produces a painless removal of all the Milia without scarring or noticeable skin pigmentation change.


What are Milia and the cost to remove them?

Milia are small white cysts that appear in groups primarily on the face around the nose, eyes, eyelids, mouth and cheeks. They’re harmless, but can be noticeable to others which can cause self-esteem issues.
The costs and prices to remove Milia are significantly cheaper than they would be if you would have the Milia removed by a private doctor or London clinic for example. Your local GP will not remove Milia, as they regard it to be a cosmetic procedure.
Since they can be found anywhere on the body, they can appear in embarrassing locations such as the face or neck, so we are happy to remove them if this is the case.

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