Blackheads are a very common and squeezing them is not the answer.

Blackhead removal

Blackheads are a very common condition from early teenage to more mature adults. They can be the first stage of acne and are unsightly to many. Blackhead removal would therefore be a consideration as blackheads are a constant worry and can seriously affect your self- esteem.  They may keep returning to your face or body no matter how many times you wash.

Our extraordinary advanced Carbon Laser Peel is the best treatment for Blackhead removal, large open pores and uneven skin texture. The treatment will also stimulates Collagen to help hydrate, plump and brighten the skin.

The treatment involves the Carbon Peel itself, followed by LED light therapy and Aqua infusion to finish.

Price £195

Your Questions Answered

A blackhead is a clogged pore.

It can be tempting and even satisfying to squeeze blackheads. However, you should not squeeze blackheads as this can push the inflammation deeper, spread the virus and can cause more blackheads and possible scarring of the skin

For Blackhead removal we would suggest to wash your face with a good quality cleanser from Alumier or Danne DMK at least once a day.

Wash your face immediately after exercise.

Wear oil and paraben free sun cream SPF 50 from Heliocare or AlumierMD

Endeavour to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to dissolve dead skin. Speak to us at BeauSynergy about quality skincare creams to exfoliate and restore your skin.

Blackheads are caused by clogged pores that typically consist of a combination of sebum and dead skin cells that get stuck in the hair follicles beneath.

Also an excess oil production (common in oily skin types and hormonal changes in teenagers).

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