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Acne Scars

The types of scarring left by acne will depend on the level of acne associated with it. There are three types of acne scarring that we see in the Hertfordshire clinic:

Post Inflammatory scarring
Ice Pick Acne scarring
Box scarring

Post inflammatory scarring  is caused by the mild acne that has left slightly flat brownish or reddish marks which can be treated and removed by us or they can ,in time, fade away on their own with no treatment.
Ice Pick and Box scarring, as their names suggest, are caused by more aggressive and severe acne. If not treated earlier enough these scarrings may end up being permanent. Unfortunately until recently there was not enough knowledge in how to cure acne scarring and so for many people with Box or Ice Pick scarring the main damage is done and therefore a 100% recovery from the scarring is unlikely.


Acne Scarring Treatment in Hertfordshire

By working with BeauSynergy through your acne treatment plan we will be able to determine at the earliest stage when we can carefully start the acne scarring treatment. By doing this early you will reduce and even remove long term acne scarring damage to your face, neck chest or back.

For post inflammatory scarring, which is the brownish and reddish marks, we would review and use one of or a combination of CryoPen, Dermaroller and Skin Peels.
For Ice Pick and Box  scarring we would use Dermaroller (to produce more Collagen), Danné Enzymes (to strengthen) and even possibly CryoLift “Cool Lift Gun” (to plump out the skin).
LED light therapy is the perfect finish to all the treatments for acne and acne scarring due to its wonderful healing and strengthening properties.

Consultations are of course a necessity for us to gauge the best treatment for the individual. At BeauSynergy we are leading the way with the results that we get both for acne treatments and acne scars treatments in our Hertfordshire clinic.

Currently performing successful treatments for acne scars on clients from around Hertfordshire and London, including Barnet, Potters Bar, Cheshunt, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and St Albans

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