Coming Back to BeauSYNERGY Post Covid-19 Lockdown
29 September 2021

Back to BeauSYNERGY Post Covid-19 Lockdown

For many of us, during recent months, beauty and aesthetic treatments may have been the last thing on our mind. For others, you have been desperate to get back to the clinic the moment we reopened!

How do you feel about returning and Social Distancing?

We hope you feel confident in the measures we are taking at BeauSYNERGY! We can fully understand the nervousness and anxiety about not only coming back for skin and beauty treatments but also re visiting the “old ways”. These could include hair cuts and colour, going on public transport, going to the gym and now even the cinema. We understand because we are like you. Opening in August was surreal but now we have made the necessary adjustments, we are really enjoying seeing all our lovely clients again and helping get their skin back on track.


What steps are BeauSYNERGY taking to protect against COVID-19?

During the time prior to re-opening Jacqui has been kept up to date with on-going new government guideline protocols in health and safety including PPE, sanitisation processes and ventilation via webinars and Zoom calls. We have made the necessary changes needed to ensure all risks are minimised, for both you, our customers, and for our team too. We know you will enjoy this “new normal”. You can read all about our full health and safety protocols here. Of course, if you have any questions, just call us – we are happy to talk you through what measures we are taking. So come back to BeauSYNERGY post Covid 19 lockdown.

Questions about shielding and pregnancy etc

It is important to let us know if you have additional concerns to the obvious safety ones. These may include the fact that you are in a vulnerable group, you are shielding or are pregnant. Just let us know when you book. It might be that we can see you first thing in the morning before other clients have arrived. We will always do our best to accommodate to ease your concerns.

Getting back into a routine and resuming old habits is a great way to build confidence back up. A bit of time and money spent on a treatment after all the lockdown will not only show in your skin, but also in your overall self-esteem and sense of wellbeing too. We can tell you that our clients who have come back have felt safe and incredibly happy with all the measures put in place to keep them healthy. See some of our recent comments.

Can my skin be rescued as it has really suffered during lockdown?

Of course, we can! Most people have not been able to access their usual treatments or general skincare during lockdown. Not only that, but the stress and anxiety that many have suffered as a result of lockdown has also exacerbated skin problems. Then there is the damage that may have been caused by all that sun on our skin. Well that is a whole different article.

A trip to BeauSYNERGY can help to get you and your skin back on track and into a routine. Let us work with any changes to your skin that have occurred, to get you feeling like yourself again.


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