Body Contouring with Fat Freezing At BeauSynergy
29 September 2021

All You Need To Know About Body Contouring

Do you ever wonder how your favourite celebrities can maintain perfect body shape and beauty in continuity without ever looking out of shape? Well, the answer lies in body contouring. Most, if not all, celebrities have at one point gone through body contouring to enhance their appearance. However, it can be confusing especially when deciding which body contouring technique best suits one’s beauty needs.

Generally, eating a balanced diet and regular exercises are the best way to go for those seeking to get rid of excessive fat and tone the body. Nevertheless, there are a couple of body contouring techniques which have also proven to be useful for fat removal and body toning. It involves skin care treatments performed after a major weight loss that results in sagging skin. It is designed to improve the shape of your underlying support tissue leading to a better-proportioned appearance with smooth contours.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Body Contouring?

Body contouring procedures can be of great help to both men and women looking to rid themselves of excess fats and stubborn bulges. There are a couple of non-invasive treatments that beauticians administer which work perfectly on your pesky love handles. Also, there are body contouring, fat removal treatments which will eliminate the double chin that you see in the mirror every morning.

Among the non-surgical fat removal techniques, non-surgical liposuction is suitable for precise body contouring besides being perfect for getting rid of excess fats. Ironically, most non-surgical body contouring techniques are intended for individuals who have attained a healthy body weight.

Body Contouring Procedures

There are quite a number of body contouring procedures most of which concentrate on fat freezing and fat removal. At BeauSynergy, we dwell more on non-invasive techniques since they are much more desirable and produce quick results with no downtime. Moreover, non-invasive fat freezing and fat removal techniques are less risky and a little less costly.

Non-invasive body contouring procedures do not require any anesthesia prior to administering the treatments. Since your body gets rid of fat cells naturally, the results of the treatments appear gradually usually within two to three weeks. Body contouring provides a permanent solution for fat removal, and it’s a perfect way to maintain healthy body weight. It can include any or a combination of the following;

  • Reduction of  sagging and flabby skin around the neck and the lower half of the face.
  • Non-surgical tummy tuck which helps remove sagging tummy skin while also tightening the abdominal muscles.
  • Arm Lift for getting rid of sagging skin of the upper arm.
  • Medial thigh lift which reshapes the inner thighs while also improving contours of the outer thighs.
  • Lower body lift which treats sagging buttocks, waist and hips in one procedure.

Possible Side Effects

If performed incorrectly, a body contouring procedure may have undesirable results such as temporary redness, prolonged numbness (depending on the technology used), scarring and uneven results. However, the techniques performed by BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty clinic conform to very high health standards, and as such, there are very minimal risks associated with the treatments. Hence, we encourage those targeting to utilise this procedure to enhance their looks and physique to consult BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty Clinic for the best results-oriented experience.

With a wide range of body contouring techniques, such as fat freezing with LipoContrast, our clinic provides the best non-invasive treatments that will leave you feeling lighter, more beautiful and thus boost your self -esteem. If you would like to learn about body controuring and fat freezing, consult us at our BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty clinic in Hertfordshire and we will be sure to provide you with all the information you need so you may choose the best treatment that will yield the desired results.

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