Teenage Ear and Nose Piercing now in Hertfordshire.

What better way to let people see your personality then by showcasing your style. It’s an unconventional form of self-expression and a way to let your personality shine on full display, literally. Just like a curator at a gallery, pieces are carefully selected individually and along with their location creates an aesthetically pleasing ‘flow’ making the pieces compliment one another in perfect harmony. Piercings, especially on the ears create a form of body art that is beautiful to look at.

Most people that have been under the needle feel that with each individual piercing comes a boost of confidence. A little gesture that may help a person feel a little more like themselves.  Unlike tattoos as a form of expression, piercings have the ability to be removed when needed or if you decide, you can remove the piercing all together.

Ear and nose piercing from children as young as one to teenagers are having more and more piercings. It is not only driven by exposure on social media platforms but is also very much now accepted, especially as a teenager, to have conventional ear or nose piercing.


At What Age Can I Have My Teenage Piercing?

Before taking the next step there are some things you should ask yourself.

  • Are you old enough to come in for a piercing? Those over 18 are able to get theirs without parental consent but those 17 and under will need a parent with them for any type of piercing.
  • Are you patient enough to wait for your piercing to heal even after several months of proper care? When you commit to a new piercing it will take several months to properly heal when following the aftercare instructions you will be given. These instructions are simple to follow and include not touching the area, always make sure hands have been washed thoroughly and your piercing is carefully cleansed. Without the proper care your body can reject the new jewelry because you have the risk of developing a keloid scar and bacteria from a poorly cleansed area comes infection. These scenarios can be avoided simply by keeping the area free from dirt and germs.
  • Another thing to consider is if your school or place of employment has any rules or regulations when it comes to body jewelry. Various companies and institutions have specific rules although nowadays many are more open and lenient as piercings aren’t so much of a stigma anymore.



A Safe, Sterile and Experienced Place for your Piercing

When you have made your decision to have your piercing, you will need a safe and sanitary place that you can trust with experienced professionals that can make your experience a positive one. One such place is BeauSYNERGY cosmetic clinic in Brookmand Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Their friendly and professional team offer a list of services that you all may already know and love and after many requests we listened and we’re here to handle your classic piercing needs. Whether you want to add a couple of new piercings to those bare lobes or a less traditional type of piercing to your nose, the Brooksman Park Clinic wants to help by offering quality service with affordable pricing, leaving you with money in your pocket and an awesome new stud or hoop to show off to all your friends.

Kerry Lawson. Ear and Nose piercing technician

Ready to take the next step? Schedule an appointment with Kerry Lawson, our advanced piercing  tecnician, who will expertly, friendly and calmly discuss with you and your parent if necessary, the procedure, the options of position and the possible jewelry.

Kerry and the BeauSYNERGY Clinic can be contacted now on 01707 662477