Need a nail enhancement but frustrated with gels and acrylics that just aren’t working for you? We think you’ll love this amazing third option! Stress no more as PolyGel nails are now available in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Here are a few reasons why we think you should give them a try:

They’re Super Fast

Much easier for our manicurists to work with than gels and acrylics, PolyGel is easy to manipulate with no “chase” around the nail beds. It can be manipulated as quickly as you please and it cures in 30 seconds under LED lights.

They’re Less Wasteful

PolyGel is a pre-mixed, putty-like formula that requires no mixing of powder and liquid. As a result less gets disposed of. Nail technicians only dispense exactly what they need! This can help keep costs down, plus it’s nice to know your salon treatments in Potters Bar are considerate of waste.

They Don’t Smell Terrible

When you get your PolyGel nails as part of your manicure in the Hertfordshire salon, one of the first things you’ll notice is there’s no foul, toxic odour. PolyGels are odourless! This is especially great for those who are scent-sensitive and often have a hard time with the application of gel and acrylic nails.

There’s No Airborne Dust

Although PolyGel nails are lighter than acrylics and hard gels, when filed their dust is actually heavier. Also, because PolyGel is already that putty-like consistency there is less dust from traditional mixing. This means that less toxic dust floats around for our nail technicians and clients to inhale. It’s another win for those with scent and respiratory sensitivities.

They’ve Been Tested Extensively

Polygel nails have gone through a serious amount of testing before any claims about them were made. In fact, their testing grounds were top notch salons to see what real users would think about them. Those who got to take them for a “test drive” indicated that their PolyGels could stand up to the demands of daily life yet were feather light and comfortable to wear.

They’re The Best Of Both Worlds

Think of all the features you do like about gel or acrylic nails – PolyGel is the very best of both. When you get PolyGel nails, you’ll discover they’re incredibly lightweight, strong and flexible. Also, they just look fabulous! 

Polygel Nails For Every Season

As we change season here in the UK,  you will be able to find the existing bright spring collection of PolyGel nails and also the clean, vibrant and luxurious variety of the best summer PolyGel nails complete with the option of smooth, shimmering tips. Don’t let your nails chip in the first week or so of application but wear the flexible, adaptable new variety of nail enhancement, PolyGel nails.

Stunning New Nails For Every Occasion

You may be looking for a beauty salon in Hertfordshire that can offer you the best nail treatment for your special occasion. This may be a summer festival, a ball, a party, Henley, Wimbledon, a wedding or anywhere every day. Asian, Indian, Greek and English weddings are of course still extremely popular and the PolyGel nails are the perfect choice as part of your manicure and pedicure to see you through the actual day and way beyond your honeymoon after the wedding.


Polygel Nails At BeauSynergy

What are you waiting for? More and more women are catching on to this hot beauty trend. Make an appointment with our award-winning beauty clinic staff and try PolyGel nails at BeauSynergy in Hatfield, near Potters Bar, today. We know you’ll love them as much as we do!