Out of lockdown and into a new skin routine

For many of us, it feels as though we have been away from our regular skincare routines forever. While some of us have tried our best to maintain things at home, there has been something of a perfect storm for everyone’s skin:

  • The stress of lockdown
  • The change of diet (many of us are guilty of eating more and drinking more alcohol than usual)
  • The hot summer sun (when it lasted)
  • The unusual humidity
  • Wearing masks – (the breakouts associated with it are being dubbed ‘maskne’)
  • Not having access to our usual skincare products and treatments

Just one of these factors would be enough to play havoc with our skin and more than one can be something approaching a disaster.

So now is the time for us to step up and do something about it while we can!

Is it time to get back to the clinic?

Absolutely! You may be desperate for your anti-ageing or paramedical facials, laser hair removal, your tattoo removed or anything else in between, but it is also probably a good time for most people to have a through skin MOT to. You can then see what changes have occurred since your last visit. Book your consultation and affordable skin scan right here. See some recent reviews here.

The seasons are changing:

As if all the commotion of lockdown wasn’t enough to play havoc with our skin, we are now just entering into a change of season, too.

new skin routine for autumn

As the weather starts to cool and central heating started being switched on again, our skin can often suffer. We can start seeing dry patches appear, and any sun damage that was caused over summer can start to become visible. If we have recently returned to work, wearing makeup daily again can also cause breakouts, dry patches and skin hydration issues.

This makes now the perfect time to get back to BeauSYNERGY to review your skincare routine and to check that the treatments that you were having pre-lockdown are still the right ones for you. Your skin therapist may suggest some tweaks to your routine or some new treatments to help restore your skin to its optimal best.

Do it while you can!

Finally, if this year has taught us anything, it is that we really don’t know what the future may bring. With that in mind, we suggest everyone gets back to their treatments now, just in case we see a local lockdown at some point in the future.

If you have any questions, from the safety precautions we are taking, to the type of treatments that may suit you, just give us a call – we are here to help.