Is Tanning Unhealthy in the UK?

During a recent survey by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), it was found that 84% of dermatologists believe Brits have unhealthy tanning habits when asked is tanning unhealthy in the UK.

63% of dermatologists believe tans are set to stay fashionable within their lifetime. It’s said that more people understand the link between UV exposure and skin cancer than between UV exposure and premature ageing.

Don’t Bake, Bake!

A new public health message is being launched from the BAD, ‘Don’t Bake, Bake’, which encourages people to bake cakes rather than their skin. The Bake has been launched to educate people about safer sun practices and how to spot the early warning signs of skin cancer. At each event, take-home information is available to spread the word on how to keep your skin safe. The scheme has also helped raise funds for the BAD’s skin disease prevention initiatives.

is tanning unhealthy

UV and Skin Cancer

The facts about UV exposure and link between skin cancer are finally starting to be accepted more widely, however, it may still take time for everyone to take the message seriously.

Use Minimum SPF 50 For Protection

It is highly recommended by BeauSynergy skin clinic and their main supplier of sun protection creams, Heliocare, to use a minimum of SPF50. In todays news, it also being stressed by leading dermatologists that we do not understand, or are we told by the manufacturers, the correct amount of sun cream to apply and how regularly we should apply it. Sun cream should be regularly applied every couple of hours at least and spread thickly over exposed areas of the skin.