Does Teeth Whitening Really Work?

In truth the answer generally yes, teeth whitening does really work due to the improvement in the understanding of teeth whitening. What also helps are the gels that are used and the practice of home trays.  Teeth whitening without laser, does work!

Traditional teeth whitening in a dentist’s office is an expensive ordeal that will set you back hundreds of pounds. However, nowadays, there are more affordable options.  With the same level of teeth whitening expertise,  you can obtain sparkling white teeth from the comfort of your home!

What are the benefits of Teeth Whitening at home?

Whitening your teeth with professional, custom teeth whitening trays are generally much more affordable than a whitening treatment at a dentist’s practice. Although it will take longer to see results, the whitening achieved is just as effective and will generally last longer!

Using trays may also be less sensitising to the teeth and gums compared to teeth whitening using a laser.

How do I get custom Teeth Whitening trays?

During your consultation with the dentist, impressions of your teeth will be taken and sent to dental technicians labs. Moulds of these impressions are then produced. These moulds are made into teeth whitening trays which will hold the gel in the mouth. After about 2 weeks, the dental trays that perfectly fit your teeth will be returned to you. 

How do I perform the treatment from home?

Once you have been provided with your custom trays and whitening gel, you can begin whitening your teeth from home.

Apply a generous amount of the gel throughout the inside of the trays and insert them on to your teeth. Leave the trays in for an hour, then remove them and rinse them thoroughly.

How long before the Teeth go nice and white?

Full whitening can be achieved in about 6 x 1-hour whitening sessions at home. These sessions should be done over the course of 3 weeks. By leaving a few days between each session, sensitivity can generally be avoided. After these 3 weeks, if all the guidelines are adhered to, you will find that Teeth Whitening really does work.

How much will it whiten my Teeth?

This professional treatment can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades, depending on the current condition of your teeth.  During your consultation, your dentist will determine a realistic result for you, that can be achieved through whitening.

How long will my teeth remain white for?

If the post treatment guidelines are followed, then the shade of whiteness that you had immediately post treatment, may last for  two years. For the longer lasting results it is advised to have regular whitening touch-ups, good oral hygiene and to avoid foods and drinks that stain the enamel.

How much does Teeth Whitening cost?

Generally the cost of teeth whitening using the methods described, will be from £250 to £500. BeauSynergy in south Hertfordshire charge just £260.

What should I do if I wish to have my Teeth Whitened soon?

You could call a clinic such as BeauSynergy. They will arrange a consultation with the dentist. You can have the teeth whitening impressions done on the same day as the consultation.