Beauty Treatments for Christmas Parties

‘Tis the season to be jolly and part of the fun of the build up to Christmas is the preparation. From shopping for the perfect outfit and perusing all the sparkly dresses in the boutiques to decorating the home with all those cherished pieces that you’ve collected over the years. Of course, then there’s the beauty pampering – no festive season is complete without the right type of beauty preparation.  BeauSynergy have a wonderful array of beauty treatments for Christmas parties as it’s really important to feel and look good for all those parties, drinks and family gatherings and let’s face it – there are going to be some late nights so looking after your skin is even more of a “must-do”.


Where can I Go in Hatfield to Get my Nails Done?

At BeauSynergy in Hatfield we’ve got beauty treatments for the festive period completely covered! Our appointment book is filling up fast with beauty treatments for Christmas parties, so don’t delay booking into our skin and beauty clinic, which is close to both Cuffley and Potters Bar. We have so many treatments to make you feel Christmassy from top to toe. Hands and feet are usually in the spotlight over Christmas. Our perfectly polished manicures and pedicures will showcase your fingers and toes, so those strappy sandals look even better! We offer Gelish nails in our Brookmans Park, Hatfield clinic, which is the ideal treatment for festivities as it is long-lasting and chip-proof and promises a gorgeous sheen on your nails that will stay-put for the party season. If you’d rather opt for a regular manicure, then we can recommend four different nail finishes, Modern Matte, Glitter (super for Christmas and New Year) Pearl and Sheer.


Can I Clear Up My Skin for Christmas?

Christmas is the season of make-up! There are so many parties and other events that are part and parcel of the season, that sometimes your skin can become overloaded with products and then you have a skin “break-out”. Equally, you might want to clear up your skin in time for Christmas so it looks glowing, youthful and radiant. We can help with both; whether you are looking for a rejuvenating facial in a beauty salon near Potters Bar or you want to clear up your acne, then the skin clinic ( BeauSynergy) in Hertfordshire, is the Skin and Beauty Clinic to turn to.
Our acne treatments often involve a DMK (Danne) treatment, where a full, private one-to-one consultation takes place with one of our Hertfordshire skincare experts. A full Danne treatment will significantly remove your spots, pimples and “zits” from areas around your face including the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is best to start this acne treatment, in our Hertfordshire clinic, 3 months before Christmas as the treatment works by eradicating what is causing the acne first within the skin, before reducing and removing the acne that is visible. The idea is to remove the pimples and, along with your prescribed homecare, make sure the pimples, spots or zits never return again.
We live in a very self- conscious world thanks to social media, especially Snapchat, so people are much more aware of any scars, blemishes or pigmentation on their face. DMK Camouflage makeup is perfect for a quick fix for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party. The Camouflage makeup ( available to buy in the Hertfordshire salon) not only gives 100% coverage to cover pigmentation or blemishes, spots or acne but also continues to allow the skin to breath so will not clog up pores.


Where can I Enjoy A Luxury Facial this Christmas?

If you don’t need a skin condition treatment but you want to make sure your skin definitely glows we thoroughly recommend our facials. It’s good to know that all of our Potters Bar party facials are completely bespoke. That means our skincare technician takes time to assess your skin type and understand your concerns. A tailor-made facial is then created to match your needs exactly. For example, if you want to rejuvenate your skin and clear up any mild breakouts, before the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party, then you’ll love our one of our Medi-facials and LED light therapy or the Party facial or indeed the now famous 24 Carat Gold facial in our Hertfordshire salon.
There are a multitude of other facials too – do come and see us for an expert skin and beauty consultation this Christmas in Hatfield.


Who does Waxing near Potters Bar this Christmas?

We do! We are the destination skin and beauty clinic for waxing for those coming from the areas of Potters Bar, Hatfield and Cuffley. Our BeauSynergy beauticians specialise in hot waxing and warm strip waxing. Whether you want smooth, hair-free legs and underarms so that you can show off your legs and arms in your new party dress at Christmas, or you want to get rid of the odd facial hair on your chin or lip, then BeauSynergy is the number one waxing clinic in Hatfield. Our waxing for men and women is also perfect for the back, chest, legs and eyebrows.
Our hot waxing would be recommended for the bikini line or if you were looking for something more daring, such as a Hollywood or Brazilian wax this Christmas.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting for Christmas, near Hatfield?

If you have the Christmas and New Year’s Eve party in the diary but you don’t know where is best to get your eyelashes tinted or eyebrows tinted and shaped then speak to us at BeauSynergy in Brookmans Park. Our beauty salon is near Welwyn and provides a great eyebrow shaping service using strip wax, tweezering and so much more. Once your eyebrows are perfectly positioned to frame your face we can also offer the best HD Brows in and around Potters Bar! With an eyebrow shape and high definition brows, you won’t need to worry about your eyes this Christmas as the results last for weeks. They really make your eyes stand out and HD brows are used by many celebrities nowadays. We tint and shape your eyebrows and you can feel confident that our beauty therapist, Kerry, knows what will suit you.
Why not finish off your eyes with LVL lashes performed right here in the Hertfordshire beauty salon? They are ideal for Christmas time and for New Year parties because they give your lashes a lift, making them plump and full as well as lasting for weeks.

For more information on our Christmas party beauty treatments, call our award-winning beauty team on 01707 662447 or email at the website at