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29 September 2021

BeauSynergy – Our 6 Best Skin Care Treatments that will truly change your life…

When you take skin care as seriously as BeauSynergy, we are always improving and testing new treatments that help improve your skin. W ith over 20 years experience, we’ve compiled a list of our 6 best skin care treatments at the best skin care clinic, that will help restore your skin to make it smooth and glowing.

It sounds like a tall order, but these revolutionary treatments, really do work. If you are looking to improve your skin, then definitely read on…

2. Best Skin Care Clinic – IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Voted one of the winners of the best skin care clinic, BeauSynergy use IPL laser skin rejuvenation treatments involve the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL/VPL) or lasers which stimulate collagen and elastin production deep within the dermis. This increases the skin’s elasticity and strength, making the skin look softer and smoother. This safe, simple technique improves skin texture and colour, whilst reducing pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. It is particularly effective on: face, neck & hands.

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3. Best Skin Care Clinic – Non Surgical Facelift

As we age, our facial muscles and skin begin to lose definition and elasticity. Our Ultimate non surgical Facelift, similar to Caci but in our own opinion is better,  is one of our best skin care treatments; it’s a lot cheaper than going under the knife and a more natural approach to giving your skin the ‘lift’ and definition youthful look you are after. The treatment works by sending a small but painless electrical current through two metallic ball probes which are placed around different areas of your face. This tenses and stimulates the underlying muscles, giving them a small but effective “workout”.

After a course of Non Surgical Facelift treatments, your facial muscles, and the skin on top will be lifted, tighter firmer facial muscles as well as your skin becoming smoother and brighter.

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4. Best Skin Care Clinic – Thread Vein Treatments

Thread veins (also known as spider veins or facial veins) are old, unused, or enlarged capillaries. They are found just underneath the surface of the skin and appear as fine red or purple lines. The most common areas where thread veins can be found are on the nose and cheek although less commonly they are found on the ears and chin. Although there is no exact known cause, they are thought to be a symptom of age, sun exposure, alcohol smoking and in those who have suffered from acne or rosacea. Thread veins are harmless, but can cause self-esteem issues if they cover large areas of the face.

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5. Best Skin Care Clinic – Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are common brown coloured growths that can appear anywhere on your body but are most commonly found on your face, eyelids, armpits, groin, and underneath the breasts. They are usually small but some can grow to around 30 mm in size.

It’s still unknown what causes your skin tags to appear, although they are known to be more common in older people and those with diabetes. Tight fitting clothes are also thought to be a contributing factor, hence why they are often found around the neck line, groin and under the breasts.

Although they are harmless and benign, if they appear in noticeable places such as near your face, eyes, or neck, it can lead to self-esteem and confidence issues. Thankfully, our skin tag removal treatments are quick, easy, little pain and very affordable.

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6. Skin Repair with Microneedling – Dermastamp (DermaPen)

Microneedling is a term used to describe many different treatments, all designed to repair the skin, reduce the appearance of skin damage, anti ageing, sun damage, scarring and stretching.

At Beausynergy we are experts in repairing the skin, including: reducing the appearance of skin damage and repair small scars and stretch marks using EDS Dermastamp – also known as DermaPen.

You can find more information about Microneedling here.

As the best skin care clinic you can find the best skin care treatments in Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Potters Bar, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, St Albans, Barnet, Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Hertford, Broxbourne, Harpenden

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