Best Place for Acne Treatments
29 September 2021

Best Place for Acne Treatments

When suffering from acne or pimples for the first time or when you have just about given up hope of getting rid of acne, you will be asking “where is the best place for acne treatments?” There’s been at least one or two times in our life where even us professional skin care experts have had to deal with the trouble and embarrassment due to an acne breakout on our own skin. These sporadic and for some, frequent reoccurrences of the sebaceous glands becoming angry, inflamed and even infected, can be treated. We need to try keeping our skin at its healthiest and find out just what triggers your acne and what treatment plan is right for you. For some, it may mean making a full lifestyle change but for others it may simply be remembering to frequently disinfect their cellphone from all that bacteria piling up. Whatever the plan, we can lead you to healthier, clearer skin.

Where are these Pimples coming from?

Despite your age, even those in their middle ages will find themselves with acne…it’s not just teens. Acne will begin during puberty where the acne may last as long as ten years. Guys and girls alike will deal with it, but women will notice a mild and sometimes moderate case of an acne breakout even after they turn 30.

Using Pore Clogging Products.           

When looking for perfect products for the best acne treatments and prevention of acne, look for those labelled ‘non-comedogenic’. This means that the product was created specifically to not clog your pores. Ofen people don’t even realize the damage they are causing to their skin. Many breakouts are caused by sleeping in makeup and just forgetting to remove products left on your skin. This increases your risk of clogged pores and waking up to outbreaks. Banishing these products from your routine and going to bed with properly cleansed skin will help in minimizing the amount of acne you may experience.

Constant Picking and Popping of Pimples 

When seeing a professional skin care expert, such as BeauSynergy advanced skin clinic,  for acne especially during facials, many will extract pimples knowing you feel confident that it’s done properly. Many people are unaware of the proper way to extract a pimple and so by attempting to do it themselves at home, they risk scaring, creating more acne and even infection. Simply pressing to drain the pimple can cause the bacteria to penetrate deeper causing even more acne to appear. If you ‘must’ extract them yourself, make sure you do it properly by washing your hands and on a clean face use Q-Tips or tissues around your fingers, gently applying pressure and softly wiggling back and forth. Once completed use a astringent, or toner to help rid your skin of any remaining bacteria.

Not Watching what you are putting in Your Body   

Just like when we are eating the proper foods and drinking the proper water intake we are steering ourselves into better health…and the same goes for reducing the amount of acne you may get. Avoiding foods that are known to cause acne outbreaks such as dairy, whey protein, sugars and even the ever so convenient fast food can significantly help in clearing the skin. You don’t have to give it all up cold turkey but even replacing for healthier substitutes can make the transition much easier.

Acne Treatments don’t have to be impossible

In order to achieve clearer skin, by coming to BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire, for example, you must be willing to commit to one treatment session a month and follow a treatment plan at both the clinic and at home. It is 100% necessary to follow the  instructions given for proper homecare leading to clearer skin. BeauSynergy is one of Hertfordshire’s leading and best acne treatment clinics and use products and plans from Danne DMK and Alumier MD. Both treatments will include Dermalux LED light therapy and a compulsory home treatment plan. When following a treatment plan on properly clearing acne you will notice your skin appearing to get worse before getting better…and that’s ok! Your skin will be releasing the toxins, making way for clearer skin with little to no blemishes remaining.

Take the first steps to clearer skin by calling the acne experts and getting a consultation to review your concerns. BeauSynergy will analyze you through a skin scan as well as determining life factors and other possible corporates to reoccurring breakouts. Don’t just sit there hoping your skin troubles will go away but instead be proactive. Call BeauSynergy now (01707 662477) and lets work together to help you achieve a radiantly smooth complexion via a consultation to determine which are the best acne treatments for you.


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