If you experience professional makeup, this will transform the way you look and feel about yourself. Our Danne DMK and glo. cosmetics also work in synergy with your skin.

camouflage makeup
camouflage make-up before and after

Breathable Mineral Makeup for total Coverage.

Professional makeup advice, supply and application at BeauSynergy, allows you to enhance your corrected beautiful skin following treatments or understand how our Camouflage Makeup covers blemishes totally.

DMK and glo. mineral makeup will allow you the perfect coverage and definition of your facial features but because the makeup is breathable, this will not plug or block up your skin pores.

Camouflage Makeup for Teenage Skin Conditions

Looking your best is very important to teenage girls and boys in the world today. It is not uncommon, through no fault of their own, for teenages to suffer from mild or severe skin conditions such as acne, acne scarring, rosacea or pigmentation. Teenagers may even have acne, blemishes, birthmarks or tattoos they wish to conceal quickly with Camouflage Makeup.

DMK Cosmetics produce the most amazing camouflage makeup to give complete coverage for teenage acne, scarring, pigmentation, tattoos and other blemishes. It is a stop gap before and during any DMK Danne skin treatment that they may be having for Acne, Scarring, or Rosacea for instance. Once the treatment is finished the makeup can still be used sparingly if needed.

camouflage makeup acne
Teenage acne covered by DMK make-up


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