Bespoke Facial Review from Lottie Pearce
24 September 2021

BeauSynergy Bespoke Facial Review

I recently visited BeauSynergy, an award-winning skin clinic based in Hertfordshire. With an impressive array of the latest technologies, I was invited for a bespoke facial.

I had never visited BeauSynergy before, and felt a little nervous. I have very sensitive skin which goes red very easily, and it’s something I’m quite self-conscious about. I’m not someone who feels confident enough to go out makeup-free, and it’s not often  that I show people my bare face.

I decided to visit BeauSynergy however, as it is located in a lovely village in Hertfordshire, which meant I could sneak off into the comfort of my own car afterwards, if my face was left looking a little flushed! (Although there is a station around the corner for anyone London-based or for those who don’t drive!)

The Healthiest My Skin Has Ever Looked

Despite my worries, I actually left the clinic with no redness to my complexion at all – my skin looked the healthiest it has ever looked in fact!

The clinic itself looks quite small from the exterior, but is in fact a bit of a tardis, an absolutely spotless one at that. I was greeted by a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which instantly put me at ease, and I immediately knew I was in safe hands.

BeauSynergy is known for its results-based treatments – not somewhere you would visit for holistic aromatherapy, but instead treatments to improve or correct every skin concern. They offer a wide range of treatments, from facials, semi-permanent makeup, IPL hair removal, fat freezing fat removal, nutritional therapy, dermaroller micro-needling, tattoo removal, botox and more. Whilst some of their treatments aren’t particularly of interest to me, it was clear that every client is given a completely bespoke treatment based on their individual concerns.

Jacqui performing a treatment on another client


I enjoyed a bespoke facial.

After filling out a detailed form about my personal details, allergies and medication, I was invited into the treatment room where I had an in-depth consultation about my skin. Senior Skincare Specialist, Jacqui seemed to thoroughly understand my concerns (and had a vast wealth of skincare knowledge) and suggested a three-step facial treatment to meet my skin’s needs.

After cleansing my skin, Jacqui applied a pineapple and papaya enzyme from Only Yours skincare to exfoliate my skin and remove the build up of dead skin cells. As it was a chemical exfoliator rather than mechanical, it was incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin.

She then introduced me to Dermalux LED Phototherapy, a non-invasive treatment which uses the power of light to accelerate the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes. It’s completely pain-free – in fact, it’s actually really relaxing. It’s also supposed to hydrate the skin by 300%, calm redness and irritation, improve radiance and balance sebum production. It essentially uses red, blue and near infra-red wavelengths of light which can be used individually for various skin concerns, or in combination to treat multiple conditions.

After twenty minutes or so under the Dermalux light combined therapy, Jacqui applied a Rice Bran mask to calm and hydrate my skin, whilst treating me to a relaxing scalp massage. After peeling the mask off, she finished the facial with glo.therapeutics products to complete my bespoke facial.

Radiant Looking Skin

I left the clinic feeling well looked after, calm and somewhat proud of my radiant-looking skin (perhaps for the first time)! My skin had not been aggravated by the treatment or products, but instead, gently and effectively treated.

If you’re looking to improve your skin or any body treatments, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to BeauSynergy. You will be in safe, experienced hands and receive an incredible treatment! Considering the exceptional service and impressive technology, the prices are also very reasonable, so take a peek at their website to see how they could transform you!

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