Waxing treatments remove hair for up to 6 weeks and unlike shaving, there is no stubble and fewer chances of ingrown hairs

Waxing Hatfield

No more Shaving. Instant Smooth Silky Skin.

Our Waxing Treatments are for both men and women and use both the hot wax and warmed strip waxing techniques to remove your unwanted hair on your face or body.

We always carry out an initial brief consultation before starting the waxing treatment, just to ensure we understand the hair removal you are after and you understand the quick process and the expected results.

Strip waxing

Strip waxing is an effective form of hair removal, using a cloth with heated wax. The cloth is placed onto the skin which sticks to the unwanted hair. Once cooled, it is then quickly removed, pulling all the unwanted hairs with it. This form of waxing is better for the less sensitive areas of the body such as the legs and arms. The discomfort is minimal.

Remove Hair Permanently

If you are looking for a more permanent solution than hair removal using Waxing Treatments then please talk to us about the Elysion laser hair removal. Minimal discomfort with speedy fast results on all areas fo the body including face, back, chest, arms, legs and toes.

If you have fuzzy, downy, fine, soft, peach hair on your face or body then waxing or IPL is not the best solution. You should talk to us about Hair V Go.



Below are the areas most suitable for strip waxing with prices of other combinations of waxing on request:

  • Lips, and chin – £12
  • Eyebrows – £12
  • Underarm – £15
  • Bikini – £20
  • Extended Bikini – £25
  • Brazilian – £30
  • Hollywood (all areas) – £32
  • 1/2 Leg – £22
  • Full Leg – £35
  • Full Leg and Bikini – £50
  • Men’s Chest – £35
  • Men’s Back and Shoulders – £50

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