Would you like permanently smooth skin or are fed up with waxing and shaving your lip, chin, underarms, arms, back, legs, bikini line and more?

Laser hair removal st albans

Help is here, with our award winning laser hair removal service.

Approved by the FDA with CE medical certificates, our state of the art Cosmeditech, Elysion laser hair removal treatments are your immediate answer if you are looking for a quick and cost effective way to permanently remove any of your facial or body hair.

We treat almost any skin type and any colour including some darker skin and brown skin. The results on light blonde, ginger hair and dark skin tones can vary from person to person and would be discussed during your consultation and patch test. We are always transparent about the expectations and results of your impending treatment. As one of the leading hair removal experts in Hertfordshire, with wonderful reviews and client experiences, we are confident you will get the safe and quick results you are after.

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a course of around 6 treatments is generally needed.

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What we recommend you do.

The starting point for any of our of these treatments, is to have a consultation and skin patch test with one of our  laser hair removal experts. This consultation will allow you to ask anything you are still unsure of and the patch tests results will determine if your skin type is suitable for the procedure. With all the information you are given, you will then understand the realistic expectations and time frame of the final results.


Recent Laser Hair Removal reviews

“Had my 3rd hair removal session today. Jacqui makes me feel very at ease. She talks me through everything and the process is so quick. Also thank you to Leila for your help getting my mum booked in!”

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“My lovely therapist made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She is clearly an expert in what she does. A really nice experience and thank you so much.”

“My laser hair removal treatment was pretty painless and I was treated, as expected, very professionally. There was no redness after the treatment and my face felt warmer for short period.”

NOTE: Consultation and Patch test mandatory


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Treatments at a glance

Procedure Time

Less than 1 hour

Back on your Feet



Cooling Gel Applied

Sensitivity Time

24-48 hours


Hair falls out within 7-10 days

Results Duration

Close to Permanent

Full Recovery

1-2 days

Number of Treatments

For very best results a course of treatments are required

Potential Risks

Possible immediate and mild redness

Before & After

Your Questions Answered

The most common areas for treatments using our Elysion laser hair removal on men and ladies, are for all facial areas like the lip, chin, brows and cheeks as well as the body areas like the arms, armpits, back, chest, legs, feet, bikini line, Brazilian and Hollywood.

Elysion laser hair removal is completely painless. It’s one of the most advance machines on the market.

Despite having the newest and most advanced methods to remove hair by laser, we are very competitive in price for the results that are achieved. You do “pay for what you get”, so if you are looking for the cheapest possible price then it is likely you will end up paying for a greater number of treatments, due to lack of results. This will ultimately cost you more money due to those unsatisfactory results achieved.

Removing your hair permanently does not involve a lengthy time in the clinic or any high level of pain (as can be experienced with other laser treatments). Your treatment will have just a minimal amount of discomfort and for small areas treated, you are in and out within minutes. For larger areas like full legs, back and chest, your treatment time maybe 20 – 60 minutes.

Our laser uses a high powered medical grade diode laser which delivers a specific wavelength (810nm) of high energy laser light to the skin. This selectively heats up the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.

The pigment of the hair absorbs the heat and conducts this heat to the base of the follicle. This procedures eradicates blood flow to the follicle and destroys hair growth without any damage to the surrounding skin. In around 7 to 10 days the hair will fall out leaving the skin smooth and hair free.

Yes. This best laser hair removal treatment is perfectly safe for both men and women.

No. The skin patch test is to determine if the procedure is safe. We are unable to carry out the procedure without having first undertaken the patch test.

It will help the procedure if the hair you want removed has been trimmed to a short length.

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The greatest chance of quick overall success during a course of laser hair removal is dark hair on white skin. However the results are also proving very satisfactory for other combinations such as dark hair on lighter brown skin. Where the results cannot be guaranteed and have mixed success are treatment for light blonde hair, ginger hair, red hair and on dark skin. We do not treat dark African or dark Asian skin due to potential for pigmentation and an unlikely degree of success of the hair removal.

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