Probably the best everyday sun protection there is. Used by thousands of advanced skin therapists worldwide


Do speak to our skin technicians about the benefits to your skin and whether we feel you will be a good fit.

We love promoting Heliocare at our Hertfordshire Skin Clinic. Not only is it’s range of high factor SPF developed to protect from the harmful sun rays but is actually great for your skin. It will let your skin breathe to allow all the goodness of your new great skincare regimes to keep on working.

Heliocare 360º has an exclusive formula that provides the widest coverage protecting from all solar radiations: UVA, UVB, visible and infrared. It helps neutralize and repair damage produced by solar radiation thanks to Fernblock® FC (enriched with ferulic and caffeic acids) and other active ingredients like vitamins C and E, green tea and roxisomes.

Perfect to apply everyday and especially necessary after treatments such as Chemical Peels, Microneedling and Plasma Pen.

Keep yourself free of sun damage and free radical damage and apply Heliocare every day for all round skin protection.



(depending on treatment)

All treatments for any condition are non-invasive, quick with minimal discomfort. Downtime can last around 2 days but can be work ready almost immediately.

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  1. The starting point for any treatment for acne scars and general scar treatment, is to have a consultation with our experienced skin experts. This consultation will determine if your skin type is suitable for the various procedures we can use to target almost all scaring.
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