If you suffer from:

  • Acne
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Open Pores
  • Premature Ageing & Fine Lines
  • In-growing Hairs

Then Danné DMK skin revision treatments would be ideal to dramatically improve your skin. Just take a look at the video review below from ‘Dawn’ and you will see just how effective Danne DMK is at resolving skin issues.

Each Danné treatment is blended specifically for your skin type. Since each person’s skin is unique, their treatment must be too.

Danné DMK is amazing. What can it do for you?

Danné DMK has been at the very forefront of what we do at BeauSynergy since we were introduced to it in 2008. We continue to use the products and treatments due to the incredible success from those clients who stick to the plan that’s tailor made for their skin. Read more about Danné DMK here.

The treatment starts with an initial consultation, analysis and scan with one of our advanced skin specialists, where we can identify the symptoms and causes of your skin conditions and so decide on the best treatment plan and a homecare regime that will best suit your skin requirements.



What you should do now:

  1. If you are serious about repairing your skin – the starting point for any Danne DMK treatment is to have a 40 min consultation with an experienced skin expert. This consultation will include a thorough skin analysis, patch test and a skin scan. The fee for this advanced consultation is £35, which will be deducted of any Danne DMK treatment you may book.
  2. To book a consultation? Click here

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