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March Offer – Advanced Bespoke Facial

Book with us today and take advantage of our March offer! We’re offering our clients a course of 6 facials for the price of 5 – bespoke to suit your skin!
If that wasn’t enough of a fantastic offer, we will give you your full in-depth skin scan and complete skin consultation and analysis (worth £35) for FREE.
Want more – we will give you our recommended facial Serum (from £40) to take away with you and use as per our instructions – also absolutely FREE!
Enquire today by phoning the clinic on 01707 662477 or by completing the online form.


Special Offer – Now 40% off Elysion laser hair removal

laser hair removal offers

BeauSYNERGY offers now include We are offering 40% off our Elysion Laser Hair Removal Treatments when you book a course of 6 treatments or more.

Approved by the FDA with CE medical certificates, our Elysion laser hair removal treatments for men and women involves the use a high power medical grade diode laser which delivers a specific wavelength (810nm) of high energy laser light to the skin to selectively heat up the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.

This type of laser procedures eradicates blood flow to the follicle and destroys hair growth without any damage to the surrounding skin. In around 7 to 10 days the hair will fall out leaving the skin smooth and hair free.

We provide laser hair removal treatments for men and women and the areas we regularly treat are: facial hair removal areas like the lip, chin, brows and cheeks as well as the body areas like the arms, armpits, back, legs, feet, bikini line, Brazilian and Hollywood

A course of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve desired results – discounted offer prices shown in the right hand column.

Single Treatment Discounted course of 6
Upper Lip £25 £90
Chin £40 £144
Lip & Chin £60 £216
Jawline or Cheeks £65 £234
Ears £45 £162
Brows (middle) £20 £72
Lower Face (cheeks, lip, chin, jawline) £75 £270
Full Face £95 £342
Neck £65 £234
Chest Female (incl nipple area) £100 £360
Abdomen Female £115 £414
Underarms £60 £216
Half Arm £80 £288
Full Arm £130 £468
Bikini line £75 £270
Brazilian £95 £342
Hollywood £125 £450
Lower Leg £140 £504
Thighs £148 £532
Full Leg £208 £748
Lower Back Female £125 £450
Full Back Female £185 £666
Buttocks £108 £388
Fingers £45 £162
Hands and Fingers £75 £270
Men’s Chest £150 £540
Men’s Shoulders £125 £450
Men’s Upper Back £150 £540
Men’s Full Back £240 £864
Men’s Full Back & Shoulders £275 £990

Book your treatment today by phoning the clinic on 01707 662477 or by completing the online form.

LED Light Therapy Offers – GET A FREE TRIAL

LED light therapy offers

Our LED light therapy treatments are a must for natural skin rejuvenation. LED Light Therapy is great for:

  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Hydrates the skin by 300%
  • Restores skin radiance
  • Destroys p.acnes bacteria
  • Helps regulate natural oil production
  • Stimulates antibacterial properties
  • Calms redness and inflammation
  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatics
  • Revitalises the complexion
  • Helps reduce fine lines

So why are we offering FREE Trials? We have upgraded our LED technology and purchased 2 brand new and more powerful Dermalux™ machines and we are encouraging clients to experience the immediate benefits of this wonderful relaxing treatment with a complimentary free trial.

Enquire today for your FREE TRIAL by phoning the clinic on 01707 662477 or by completing the online form.


Fibroblast Plasma Pen Offer – expires February 2020

BeauSYNERGY offers, for a limited period, we are offering 10% off the specialist Plasma Pen Fibroblasting  skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment.  Normal price from £125 per area.

This new and innovative treatment is actually a simplistic process dates back hundreds of years.  Within around 3 treatments, the benefits are amazing. Without the downtime and discomfort of a surgical procedure we are able to significantly improve and help with

  1. Any bags you may have developed under your eyesyou are looking to reduce bags under your eyes
  2. Any sagging or drooping of the eyelids that have developed over time.
  3. Any fine lines around the eyes
  4. Any deep folds around the nose and mouth
  5. Any fine lines above the lips
  6. Any sagging or loose skin around the neck and jowl
  7. Any acne scarring

You can book through this Plasma Pen page

fibroblast plasma pen offersfibroblast plasma pen offers

How does it work?

Plasma is actually a gas, although often described as the fourth state of matter. Unusually for a gas, Plasma is made up of positively charged and ionised molecules which are able to roam freely and fast. Plasma gas is able to do things that other gases simply cannot do, such as conduct electricity, create magnetic fields and enable electrostatic interactions. Plasma gases exhibit coherent, collective and controllable qualities that neutral gases don’t.

Through our Plasma Pen, the nitrogen Plasma energy we create, transfers rapidly to the skins epidermal layer, whilst heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. The arc prisms created by leaving the Plasma Pen just shy of the skin area to be treated allow the gases to react with the epidermal layer and immediately tighten the skin.  If we touch the skin or are too far away from it then the creation and delivery of plasma immediately ceases.

The of each movement leaves a red dot of blood which in a day or two scabs up and falls off, leaving tighter, smoother and lifted skin.

The CryoLift Facial

This Cryolift facial offer has been brought about to give you the opportunity to see the incredible skin rejuvenation and skincare ageing benefits of the facials. By trying just 3 treatments, we are confident that you will be happy to continue the Cryolift treatments once you see the wonderful improvements in your skin.

Our new offer allows you to see these improvements in your skin

  • Visible antiaging effects after just one session
  • 4 Minutes to remove 10 years
  • Intense Hydration
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Dermis regeneration
  • Improves skin texture & quality
  • Removes wrinkles & lifts the skins

£125 per treatment

£295 for 3 treatments (normally £375)

LipoContrast Fat Freezing / Cool Sculpting

The effect of LipoContrast treatments are almost immediate. Up to 33% of fat cells can be disabled during only the first session while others will be eliminated within 2 or 4 weeks.

More than one treatment is recommended, depending on the area and the amount of fat to be removed non-surgically.
You will see 80% of the final result available within the first 20 days.

This treatment is a great way to lose those stubborn areas of fat that just refuse to budge and “never used to be there”.  No matter how many times you go to the gym, go to dance glasses, diet or walk as an activity, some of the areas of fat remain stubborn to remove, especially the arms, back, flanks, abdomen and thighs.

We feel this really good offer we are running right now is at a price lower enough for you to seriously consider 2 treatments of this quick, natural, pain free and long lasting fix for fat removal.

£145 per area

£195 for 2 areas (normally £250)