BeauSynergy offers

BeauSynergy offers are rare as we believe in the great value we give with honest, exceptional service and treatments that give results. But once in a while, we have to let our clients know of a deal like this one:

As our clients always verified – our LED light therapy treatments are a must for natural skin rejuvenation.
So what have we done? We have upgraded the LED technology, for 2 brand new and more powerful Dermalux™ machines. The skin improvement shown on clients this month is staggeringly good.

We are offering a FREE TRIAL to anyone wishing to feel this NEW wonderful relaxing treatment and to see the incredible, immediate benefits – 01707 662477

BeauSynergy offers LED Dermalux
·         Increases the production of collagen and elastin
·         Improves skin texture and tone
·         Hydrates the skin by 300%
·         Restores skin radiance
·         Destroys p.acnes bacteria
·         Helps regulate natural oil production and has powerful antibacterial properties
·         Calms redness and inflammation
·         Stimulates circulation and lymphatics
·         Revitalises the complexion
          Helps reduce fine lines

Enquire today for your FREE TRIAL by phoning the clinic on 01707 662477 or email us on

We don’t believe that Beauty Salons in the Hertfordshire area should offer discounts and special deals on their skin treatments