BeauSynergy Health and Safety with the CoronaVirus
29 September 2021

BeauSynergy Health and Safety During the CoronaVirus

Update information on how BeauSynergy are keeping the welfare and safety of our clients and staff as the top priority as always and particulary around this time of the Coronavirus pandemic

What are BeauSynergy Doing to keep CUSTOMERS SAFE During the Corona Virus Pandemic?

It is important for us as a small business to give a reference point for clients who wish to come, or are thinking of coming to our cosmetic clinic during these times of the Coronavirus. Hertfordshire has its confirmed cases of the virus as has nearly every other county in the country. Along with WHO and government guidelines we are still open and intend to remain open unless told otherwise. So it is also a matter of urgency to reassure all existing clients and prospective clients booking who come and visit us, that we are taking every precaution necessary to keep the clients, staff and staff free from infection.

Questions Asked Prior to Client Booking

Currently all clients are kindly and sensitively asked when booking an appointment to let us know if they have been to any of the seriously affected countries within the last 14 days. Those countries will be spoken about on the phone or email prior to any booking.

Should any client wishing to book an appointment feel at all unwell and showing even the slightest symptoms of a heavy cold, flu or the Coronavirus itself, then we shall unfortunately have to ask that they re-book for a later date. If any one that they have been in close contact with during the previous 14 days has had or has flu like symtoms or the Coronavirus, then again we shall unfortuntely ask that they re-book for a later date.

We are sorry that we have to take these actions but we hope you will understand the need to minimise the chance of infection to other clients and staff.

Clinic Precautions

We, as a clinic, have taken these precautions to mimise the risk of the clients and the staff. We have notices regarding the best hygiene within the clinic. The staff are also advised to continually wash their hands with soap and warm water. The staff wipe down all surfaces as per normal with medical wipes and if none are available at that time, then they will use standard disinfecting wipes. They will wipe down door handles, light switches, taps, phones and ipads continously to minimise the risk of infection. We have sanitising gel and wipes within the clinic and we advise our customers to use as much as they wish. Our linen, towels and blankets are also washed on a daily basis.

Cancellations and Refunds

Due to the multitude of individual courses and treatments that we do at the clinic, there is no hard and fast rule at this particular moment to determining refunding due to cancellation of a course treatment (s). It is obviously important that every client on a treatment course with us, sticks to the protocol given by us in order to give themselves the best chance to improve their skin. If one course is missed there is a certain flexibility with regards to moving the day. If the day has to be moved to one of a number of days away or even miss it altogether, then the treatment plan is not so effective. We are looking at the options as to what to do about this currently and will advise soonest.


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