Amanda Platell Rolls Back The Years With the Dermaroller
24 September 2021

Are you feeling a little bit brave? Willing to step out of your comfort zone and try the latest beauty gadget that’s offering women across the UK outstanding results? What if we told you Angelina Jolie is reported to be a big fan?

It may be a little spiky and off-putting at first glance, but we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the results you’ll get from the Dermaroller!

Taking A Tough Approach To Ageing

When Daily Mail journalist Amanda Platell was enticed to try her first Dermaroller treatment, she immediately noticed the tool about to be used on her face. Covered in tiny, micro-medical needle sharp spikes, the Dermaroller is essentially a small, surgical paint roller. But was she mad to give it a go?

Like millions of women in her age range, Amanda was keen to look her best and stay as fresh-faced and youthful as possible. When she heard about the results other women were seeing with the Dermaroller, she decided to brave some potential discomfort was worth a shot.

No pain, no gain, says Amanda

Amanda had tried other non-surgical treatments in the past to improve her skin and maintain a youthful appearance, including laser therapy, microdermabrasion and even an otherworldly-sounding blue peel. When her skin was starting to feel a bit lacklustre again, she was up for something new and innovative. Learning from her cosmetic specialist that even Angelina Jolie had benefited from the Dermaroller made it an easier choice.

Amanda already approaches her skin care in a positive way; she believes that it’s essential to keep working at it and trying new things rather than risk ending up “looking like an old prune” (her words.)

Like any good journalist, Amanda started by doing her research. She discovered that the Dermaroller:

  • was slightly uncomfortable more than outright painful
  • was administered after the application of a topical anaesthetic
  • required very little recovery time
  • improved the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • would see her back to work or out on a date within two days

Going under the roller

The Dermaroller also known as micro-needling, itself is a small wheel attached to a stick that helps propel it back and forth across the face. The roller itself, as mentioned earlier, is covered with hundreds of tiny micro-medical needles that penetrate the skin, creating lots of tiny, minimally invasive punctures.

In response to this treatment, the skin produces extra collagen to heal the wounds, which in turn plumps up the skin and enhances blood supply, resulting in a beautiful, natural glow.

If you’re new to this type of procedure, you may be interested to know that most minimally invasive skin treatments work in the same way, causing minor damage in order to stimulate collagen production and blood flow. Collagen, of course, is the ultimate ingredient for a youthful appearance but sadly gets damaged throughout the years through sun exposure and simply ageing.

During treatment, Amanda noted that it was mostly minimally uncomfortable and only stung more for her across her upper lip area.

After Amanda’s treatment

Amanda reported that her treatment took about an hour, and afterwards her face just looked as though she’d caught a bit too much sun. However, she advised that it really wasn’t painful. Her skincare professional applied oxygen cream afterwards to soothe her skin and by the next day, the red, stinging patches had calmed down quite a bit. By the second day, they were virtually non-existent.

In her most badly damaged areas, Amanda reported a slight peeling effect in the days following her Dermaroller treatment, though she was sure to point out it was nowhere near the severity of a chemical peel.

The result? She stated that the Dermaroller left her face looking much “fresher, younger, tighter and with fewer lines.”

Dermaroller in Hertfordshire

Keen to try the Dermaroller treatment in Hatfield after reading about Amanda’s experience? Give our skin and beauty and skin clinic in Potters Bar a ring and make an appointment to see one of our leading skincare experts.  With approximately three sessions you’ll notice a significant difference in the youthfulness of your skin!

Other uses for the Dermaroller

Besides being brilliant for the face and decolletage, keep in mind that the Dermaroller is also ideal for:

  • removing deep acne scars
  • treating stretch marks on thighs and tummies
  • Fine lines around the eyes and above the lips

We look forward to seeing you at Beausynergy soon!

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