Affordable Teeth Whitening in Hatfield, Hertfordshire
25 May 2022

Amazing transformation from dull discoloured teeth, to naturally brighter, whiter, healthy looking ones.

If you’re looking for a smile that dazzles, then come and visit BeauSynergy in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The multi-award winning advanced skin and beauty clinic in Brookman’s Park, Herts offers professional, safe and now affordable teeth whitening. Dr Caroline Hayden  is a highly experienced GDC registered dentist based in the Hatfield clinic (close to Potters Bar and Welwyn Garden City).

From Dr Caroline’s years of experience and knowledge, her patients are consistently achieving up to 8 shades whiter using proven, safe whitening gels and the correct procedures.

Tooth whitening is still a very popular cosmetic treatment. Previously, it could be offered by any uu-registered practitioner or therapist, however tighter regulations mean that any tooth whitening service must be provided by a GDC registered dentist. This ensures patient safety standards are met. BeauSynergy’s Dr Caroline Hayden is fully regulated and approved for tooth whitening services at our Hatfield clinic.

At your appointment, Dr Hayden will fully explain the teeth whitening process, before taking custom moulds of your teeth. She will then explain and demonstrate the necessary homecare for you follow. You will then be asked to collect your custom-made trays and kit. The time taken for the moulds to be returned to the clinic is normally around 15 days after your initial appointment.

How do you whiten teeth at the BeauSynergy Clinic?

Our treatment achieves tooth whitening with custom trays and products that are designed to safely whiten teeth in just 10-14 days. The trays are designed to be worn for just a few hours a day or night. Dr Hayden will give you full instructions on how to get the most from your tooth whitening kit for home use.

We use the dental led IceSmile dentist-led home teeth whitening treatment for the most impressive and startling results.

The gel that you will add to your bespoke mould is harmless and 100% legal. It is a bleaching agent and approved by the necessary regulatory bodies. The teeth whitening gel and correct process will help whiten the outside of all the visible teeth only.

How white will my teeth be with your tooth whitening treatment?

Everyone’s teeth are different, with different results possible. Dr Hayden’s teeth whitening treatments usually see results that are up to eight shades lighter.

How long does teeth whitening last?

You can expect your teeth whitening treatment to last between 2-4 years, with the correct care.

Is tooth whitening legal?

Yes, it is when it is performed by a GDC approved dentist such as Dr Hayden. Patient safety remains paramount at BeauSynergy and our tooth whitening treatment has been well tested. Our customers report fantastic results. You must be aged eighteen or over for tooth whitening at BeauSynergy.

How much does teeth whitening cost in Hertfordshire?

Many dentists in Hertfordshire charge a lot of money for tooth whitening. At BeauSynergy, we are committed to making tooth whitening affordable for everyone. At the time of writing, our service costs just £265 for a dentist-approved, cost-effective tooth whitening treatment.

Will tooth whitening give me sensitive teeth?

An exceedingly small number of people experience some increased tooth or gum sensitivity with a variety of teeth whitening products – although any discomfort can be minimal. Our IceSmile process is no different in this respect. If this is something you experience, we recommend you limit yourself to whitening your teeth every other day. If you are still experiencing slight sensitivity, please contact the dentist for further advice.

How is this teeth whitening treatment different to the teeth whitening kits I can buy online?

Because this is a dentist-led treatment, we can use stronger, safer and more effective active ingredients, to help you achieve a whiter smile. Your customised trays ensure that all the surface areas of your teeth are fully covered to ensure even whitening.

Ready for teeth whitening in Hertfordshire?

If you have any questions for the dentist of technicians, or would like to book your tooth whitening appointment, please give BeauSynergy a call on 01707 662477, or enquire online.

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