5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Festive Season
29 September 2021

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Festive Season

Everyone is aiming to be at their best appearance especially during this festive season. A lot of guests will be coming around, and no one wants to have a dull complexion that might be mistaken for gloominess. You have probably tried a number of maximum highlighters with bright blushes, but disappointingly, the dull complexion just won’t go away. From our extensive experience in this field of skin therapy and beauty treatments, we have come across many such similar cases, and the leading cause of this phenomena happens to be dehydration. A lit-from-within-glow is the look your skin should be giving you this festive season, but with lack of moisture, your skin may be giving you the exact opposite.

BeauSynergy Hertfordshire Skin and Beauty Clinic has come up with some simple tips that will help to keep your complexion and skin hydrated from the inside out during this festive season. In addition, this will ensure you wake up with a healthy and naturally radiant skin every day as you enjoy your festive season.

1. Use Water-Boosting Skincare Products

There is a lot that your skin needs besides simply slathering on some thick rich creams, and this is moisture. To keep your skin hydrated and to give it the necessary moisture it requires, ensure you provide it with plenty of water-absorbing ingredients such as a superstar hydrator, hyaluronic acid, stellar formulas containing occlusive. Slathering on a thick, super rich cream isn’t always the solution when your skin is in dire need of moisture. What it requires are water-attracting agents which prevent loss of water from your skin through evaporation.

Lightweight gel creams can also help to add and at the same time lock in moisture. Therefore, as you embrace this festive season, you can get these gel creams from our BeauSynergy Clinic Stores.

2. Eat Foods That Are Water-Rich

Although water can be very hydrating, most of us will admit that it is quite a challenge to keep up with the recommended 7-glasses of water on a daily basis. But we can still supplement the water demand for our skin by eating foods that are naturally rich in water. This includes vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, berries, peaches, watermelons, celery, plums, lettuce and bell peppers which are plentiful in any festive season.

3. Double Up On Skin Treatments

The skin is the largest organ in our body hence it requires a lot of care to maintain. Treating a dry skin might require a lot more than just moisturizer drinks. For instance, it may require you to double up on your skin treatments if you are under any treatments.

Here is a simple recommendation for you; After applying the serum on your super dry skin, you can use a hydrating mask to cover the surface. This will create a barrier hence forcing the ingredients in your moisturizer to penetrate through your skin.

4. Get a Deeper Facial Cleaner

Makeups have become part and parcel of our beauty, but the prolonged accumulation of these products can block your skin pores. This will prevent effective penetration of any skin treatments into your skin. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use sonic-powered skin cleaners which help ensure you maximize on your skin moisturizers. There are plenty of facial cleansers that you can get at our BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty Clinic and the best part is that we always stock something special for our clients during the festive seasons.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

There are quite a lot of hydrators currently on the market. My bet is you are probably stocking the best and latest that the market can offer. However, regardless of the type of hydration you are using, your skin might be rejecting all of them because it regularly needs a thorough exfoliation.

Exfoliation is key to getting rid of the dead skin cells found on the top layer of your skin. Ideally, these dead skin cells can prevent skin-care moisturizing ingredients from working effectively. A chemical based exfoliation serum or pad is best suited to rejuvenate your skin and prepare it to benefit from the moisturizing properties of skin care ingredients fully.

You should also try your best to use a cream post-peel because water attracting treatments always work best after skin exfoliation.

BeauSynergy Hertfordshire is dedicated to providing its clients with the best skin care products to keep your skin hydrated as well as tips on how to ensure they maintain a healthy and radiant skin during this festive season. And during this merrymaking season, we hope you keep these tips in mind as you look forward to dazzling and shining moments.

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